Why Automatic Glass Doors Are Great For Businesses

Springfield Glass Company sells and services automatic doors for businesses. We sell and install automatic door products from Tormax USA in both new construction and retrofit applications. We also service and install many other brands whether they are existing on a building or being furnished new by a non-installing party on new construction. The most common applications for automatic doors are handicap-assist openers for swinging doors and automatic sliding doors.

In today’s blog, the experts at Springfield Glass Company explain more about these handicap assist openers and the primary uses for automatic doors at your business.

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Handicap Assist Openers

Handicap assist openers are typically used for the exterior entries into a building. They are usually equipped with push-buttons on each side of the door to activate the door. Sometimes, these openers are used inside of buildings, in areas with handicap usage or where the doors are unusually heavy and difficult to swing.

Springfield Glass Company sells and services many different types of openers and accessories, making it easy to find the best products for all types of construction and new or existing conditions. It is very common to add handicap openers to all types of businesses and we have the wireless products that allow us to locate the activator buttons wherever needed.

Exterior Entries

Automatic sliding doors are mostly used for exterior entries. But, they are also a good product to use in busy interior corridors where swinging doors would make obstructions. Sliding doors also enable carts, beds, or other large items to be moved through wider door openings. These doors can be installed in new or existing construction and there are numerous wired and wireless activation devices that help make installation easier into the existing conditions.

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Electronic Locking Devices

We also sell and install automatic electronic locking devices for exterior and interior doors.  There are many different types of electronic locks that can be used to meet the needs of your application. The most common types are magnetic locks, electric lock strikes, and electric exit devices. All of these devices can be set up to provide for electronic access control via badging, combination keypads, or sensors.

Also, these devices are tied to your internal access control system for timeclock control. They can be installed in conjunction with our other automatic door types for a complete electronic-controlled entry.

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