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Commercial Window
Glass Installation

If a window pane at your business has been broken, you will probably be needing window glass replacement and installation services right away. You may also want to make your place of work more energy efficient, which can save you money on utilities over time. If you work in Springfield or the surrounding area, trust Springfield Glass Company to handle glass replacement at your commercial property. We have been the experts in glass repair and installation for the last 30 years, and we are always here to provide professional service you can rely on.


Window Replacement and Installation Services

Window glass replacement can benefit your business in many ways. If your building is old, chances are the current windows are not as energy efficient as modern windows are today. By choosing window glass installation with the Springfield Glass Company, you choose first-rate glass that will better insulate your business, lowering energy costs in each season.

Our glass installation experts will help you decide what the best solution will be for your unique situation, considering everything from your design preferences to your budget requirements. Using the best-in-class installation methods, our glazing specialists can also install windows for commercial construction projects.

Building Leak Repairs

Springfield Glass Company also helps businesses fix building leaks that develop around doors and windows. Our professional experts conduct a complete assessment to locate the root cause of the leak and recommend the best plan to stop it. We believe that the leak becomes our responsibility once we’ve accepted the job, and that’s why we fix it the right way the first time.

We like to keep simple things simple, and many leak repairs are just that — if completed correctly the first time. If you know or suspect that you have water or air leaks in the exterior of your building, call Springfield Glass Company for results you can rely on.

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