3 Reasons Your Commercial Business Needs Automatic Doors

Automatic doors for your commercial businesses can take your operations to the next level and give your customers a satisfying experience entering and leaving your store. 

In today’s post, Springfield Glass covers the top three reasons why your commercial business needs automatic doors. 


1.) Create a Great Consumer Experience 

As customers exit your store with their hands full, balancing items and struggling to reach for the door, only to find out they’re supposed to push, not pull, the whole shopping experience gets deflated. 

Automated doors enhance the consumer experience, making them more likely to remember your great products and services, tell their friends or family and make their way back. 

Installing automatic doors with handy-cap assist openers can show your customers that you care about accessibility and with providing them with an easy consumer experience they won’t soon forget. 

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2.) Auto-Doors Are a Marketing Investment 

Your business’s image is everything. How customers perceive your brand and your company can impact your sales. Commercial businesses also need to stand out from the market competition, while connecting with their consumers and establishing trust. 

Great PR.

Purchasing automated doors will help with all of the above. Automatic doors are like free marketing. They provide the public with a sense of professionalism and can make your brick-and-mortar location stand out from the competition. 


These doors also last a long time. So you don’t have to worry about as many repairs or maintenance costs as you would for manual storefront doors. Along with saving costs on repairs, they’re also energy efficient. 


Manual doors can be left open on accident, allowing heat or AC to escape the store, costing you a pretty penny on your electrical bill. By letting Springfield Glass Company install your doors, we ensure they have a tight, secure seal to prevent hot or cold air from leaking out whenever the doors aren’t in use.  

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3.) Endless Design Choices

Automatic doors are growing in popularity. It’s obvious as to why — they look great. 

Automatic doors come in a variety of different styles, colors, finishings and designs. The four basic designs are: 

  • Swinging 
  • Sliding 
  • Folding 
  • Revolving 

Each automated door style has its benefits. Sliding doors, among the most popular choices, come in the traditional bi-parting, single slide and telescoping models. Folding doors require minimal space for setup and swinging doors are great for two-way traffic.

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