Commercial Glass Door Hardware for Security and Accessibility By Springfield Glass

Here at Springfield Glass Company, we’re well-known for our top-quality window glass replacements, shower glass, and custom glass services. But we offer another high-quality service to our commercial glass customers: custom glass door accessories, hardware, and technology. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll share three specialized services we offer to commercial businesses: handicap assist door openers, automatic sliding doors, and electronic locking devices. 

Handicap Assist Door Openers 

Businesses need to have handicap-accessible doors installed to provide accessibility to all customers. This type of commercial glass hardware usually features a push-button opener near the door and can be used for interior or exterior doors. 

Springfield Glass Company sells and services many different types of handicap accessible openers and accessories–contact us and let us know your needs. We can discuss which option is suitable for your building. 

Automatic Sliding Doors 

Automatic sliding doors are a must-have for large businesses with a lot of foot traffic or heavy, bulky products traveling in and out. Think hospitals, hotels, airports, or appliance and hardware stores. 

Springfield Glass Company can install these doors in new or existing construction, and there are numerous wired and wireless activation devices that help make installation easier. Reach out to us if you think an automatic door would help your business operate more efficiently. 


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Electronic Locking Devices

Some commercial businesses need more security. If you visit a large call center, corporate office, or hospital, you’ll likely encounter electronic locking devices. 

The most common types of electronic locks are magnetic locks, electric lock strikes, and electric exit devices–all of these can be set up to provide electronic access control via badging, combination keypads, or sensors.

Springfield Glass Company sells and installs automatic electronic locking devices for exterior and interior commercial glass doors–give us a call, and we’ll discuss which option is the best fit for your business. 

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Hardware and Accessories at Springfield Glass Company 

If you need hardware or accessories for your commercial glass door, or if you need your automatic door or electronic locks serviced, Springfield Glass Company is ready to help. Our experts will answer all your questions and help you find the perfect option to keep your business safe, secure, and accessible to all! Call us today at 417-883-6555 for a free estimate, or contact us online.

5 Advantages of Security Glass Doors & Windows for Your Business

Maybe you’ve been thinking about modernizing your storefront with glass doors or windows. Or perhaps you need replacement glass due to damage. Either way, there are several benefits of using security glass for your business. In today’s blog, Springfield Glass Company discusses the top ones.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective.

Security glass is an excellent investment that will provide lots of benefits while also enhancing the visual appeal of your storefront. In addition to being a quick way to improve commercial security, you’ll also avoid hefty costs related to burglaries, loss, and extensive damage.

  1. It Increases Curb Appeal.

A glass door or windows will enhance the look of your storefront and improve its curb appeal for potential buyers down (if you ever decide to sell). It can also be more enticing for customers, as they can more easily see inside to preview your products and services.

  1. It Provides More Natural Light.

Windows and doors made of security glass will also improve the look of your space with more natural light. Customers may be more likely to stop in if the store looks bright, open, and welcoming, and they’ll be able to see your products and offerings more clearly through the storefront if they’re out on display.

  1. It’s Versatile.

No matter the architectural design of your commercial building, security glass doors and windows can be manufactured in various designs with your choice of hardware, frames, and other accessories. That way, you can easily match your business style and ensure that it’s cohesive and intentionally designed.

  1. It Offers More Protection.

Security glass is more substantial and impenetrable than traditional glass, so your business will be more secure and protected. Issues like break-ins and theft are much less likely, and if an accident occurs, people are also less likely to get injured.

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Need custom glass for your business? Contact Springfield Glass Company

If you’re interested in replacing or installing glass at your place of business, our glass experts are here to help you. Contact Springfield Glass Company online or call (417) 883-6555 to speak with a glass expert about our security glass options.

Springfield Glass Company Explains the Physical and Chemical Properties of Tempered Glass That Make It So Strong

At Springfield Glass Company, our glass experts offer a wide selection of glass for your commercial and residential project needs, including tempered glass. Many properties of tempered glass make it an excellent choice for a variety of projects. 

Below, we’ll go into more detail so you can determine whether it’s a good fit for your project or not. Our glass experts are also available to help you choose the best type of glass for your needs. 

How Is Glass Manufactured?

To help you understand the qualities of tempered glass, let’s first discuss how glass originates. 

Primarily, glass consists of sand, soda ash, and lime. These ingredients are blended and heated at very high temperatures, poured into a shape, and allowed to cool. The cooling process is called annealing, and it will enable the glass to cool slowly to relieve internal pressure and stress while it hardens.

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Why Is Tempered Glass Stronger Than Standard Glass?

Tempered glass is more robust than standard glass because it is processed differently. But what does that mean exactly? Here’s a quick explanation from the experts at Springfield Glass Company.

The annealing process (or cooling process) of standard glass is a rapid one. However, due to the fast cooling process, ordinary glass is also much more fragile, and it breaks apart into large irregular-shaped shards, which can be very dangerous. Additionally, standard glass can only withstand temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, tempered glass originates using special heated furnaces, heating it to about 1,292 degrees Fahrenheit after it is immediately cooled. Tempered glass is cooled more slowly than standard glass to produce a more potent finished product. 

Sometimes, it’s also chemically treated with potassium nitrate to strengthen it. The glass sits in a hot bath of potassium nitrate (at over 752 degrees Fahrenheit!) for up to 30 hours. The potassium nitrate reacts with the surface of the glass to produce an ion exchange, which results in the more robust, more durable glass. 

Overall, tempered glass is four times stronger than standard glass, and it’s also impact and scratch-resistant. When it breaks, it shatters into many small pieces with fewer sharp edges. That’s why it’s often called “safety glass.” It can withstand constant temperatures of up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit (standard glass can withstand up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit), creating slices from ⅛” thick to ¾” thick.

Need Custom Tempered Glass For Your Residential or Commercial Project? 

Tempered glass is safer than standard glass if it breaks, so it’s an excellent option for shower doors, coffee tables, bookshelves, jewelry cases, and much more. If you need custom glass for your residential or commercial property, contact Springfield Glass Company online or call (417) 883-6555 to speak with a glass expert about our custom glass options.

How Do Glass Installation Companies Cut Glass?

To provide high-quality custom glass for clients, glass installation companies must use various tools and methods to cut glass. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, that’s okay! In today’s blog, Springfield Glass Company will provide a brief explanation of the glass cutting process and the kinds of instruments involved.

What Is the Glass Cutting Process at Glass Installation Companies?

Sometimes, a glazier may use a diamond to cut glass, but glass installation companies use a cutting wheel more commonly. Cutting wheels consist of hardened steel or tungsten carbide that is four to six millimeters in diameter with a V-shaped hone angle. (Larger hone angles can cut thicker pieces of glass.) The diameter of a cutting wheel can vary quite a bit depending on the thickness and type of glass it’s intended to cut. Cutting glass also requires lubrication which requires a small amount of oil. This method keeps the wheel from getting too hot. 

To cut the glass, glass experts at glass installation companies roll the cutter firmly over the glass, which produces a weakened line called a score line or a fissure. Depending on the thickness of the glass, the cutter may only need a few pounds of pressure, or it may need more than 20 pounds of force to make the fissure effectively. A glazier can tap along the cut to weaken it further until it’s ready to be split. Then, the glass expert will use a set of running pliers to open the split.

A computer-assisted CNC semi-automatic glass cutting table makes large sheets of glass. Then, the sheets can be broken apart by hand into individual pieces (also called lites).

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Want To Learn More About The Process at Springfield Glass Company? Contact us today.

If you’re searching for glass installation companies or interested in learning more about our glass cutting process, we are happy to explain further. Whether you need custom glass cuts or replacement glass to repair something broken, we can meet all your residential and commercial glass needs. Contact Springfield Glass Company online or call (417) 883-6555 to speak with a glass expert about our products and services.

Springfield Glass Company Explains How Glass Is Recycled

Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable? Glass manufacturers can recycle glass an infinite amount of times without a loss in quality or purity. Today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company explains how glass is recycled and how you can be involved. 

How Is Glass Recycled?

  1. It all starts with you. You can place glass into curbside bins, business recycling containers, or local recycling drop-off locations.
  2. Companies collect the recyclable glass, then it’s  delivered to a glass processing company.
  3. The processing company then separates the glass from trash and contaminants before sorting by color.
  4. Recycled glass is sold to glass container manufacturers where they make new bottles and jars.
  5. Consumers purchase food and beverages in glass packaging.
  6. The recycling process starts over again.

What Does This Look Like Within My Local Community?

As a local community, we’re responsible for making sure we put our glass recyclables where they need to go. We must support our local recycling centers by picking up a recycling bin and separating our trash from our leftover glass containers and glass waste. 

Then we look for local opportunities to recycle glass, either through our trash collection company or by dropping glass off at local centers. Talk to your trash collection company, or stop by one of Springfield’s four recycling centers to drop off the glass.

The ones most commonly known for accepting recycled glass are The Lone Pine Recycling Center and  The Service Recycling Plant. They have various hours for collecting recycled glass. Once the glass arrives here, then it goes to a glass processing company. 

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Residential Glass by Springfield Glass Company 

The team at Springfield Glass Company has the expertise and knowledge to install high-quality residential and commercial glass. Contact Springfield Glass Company online or call (417) 883-6555 for more information on what we can do for your home or business.

Can Bulletproof Commercial Glass Protect Buildings From Tornado-Driven Debris?

Bulletproof glass offers the ultimate protection against intrusions. It is very hard, can prevent ordinary bullets from penetrating, and may prevent damage to your building. But can this type of commercial glass prevent tornado damage? Springfield Glass explains.

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What FEMA Says

FEMA doesn’t recommend any type of glass to use as a tornado shelter. If you install commercial glass, even the strongest type, you and your customers and employees should still take shelter from the storm as soon as you hear the tornado sirens. However, there are types of commercial glass that can minimize the damage of tornado-driven debris.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass surrounded by a heavy-duty frame must be secured to the window header. Then, the window is typically bolted to the frame with steel bolts to keep debris from breaching your commercial glass. 

How does this prevent debris from getting inside your commercial building? Laminated glass contains an inner membrane that keeps it from shattering. This membrane can lessen the impact of debris that hits it. While the glass may break, it won’t shatter into a million shards because of wind-driven debris.

Security Glass

Security glass is a special type of laminated glass that resists impacts. It’s designed to prevent intrusions from high-force impacts, such as hammers from someone trying to break in. This type of commercial glass is the best fit if you want the highest security.

Bottom Line

No glass is completely safe from a tornado. However, some shatter-resistant glass and withstand sustained wind speeds of up to 110 mph and gusts of up to 191 mph. It also depends on how much weight is hurled directly at the window. But for most tornado situations (EF3 or less), security glass will suffice to protect your business from tornado-drive debris.

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Commercial Glass by Springfield Glass Company 

The team at Springfield Glass Company has the expertise and knowledge to install high-quality commercial glass. Contact Springfield Glass Company online or call 417.883.6555 for more information on what we can do for your business.

How Tinted Commercial or Residential Glass Saves You Money

You’ve probably seen some beautiful glass facades in the Springfield area. The most notable is Hammons Tower, AKA “Darth Vader,” and its darkly tinted glass edifice. Tinted commercial and residential glass not only looks great, but it also saves you money over the long run. Springfield Glass Company explains in today’s blog.

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Heat Regulation

Tinting for residential or commercial glass helps regulate temperatures in winter and summer. Window tinting actually helps keep heat inside your building during the winter months because it’s an additional layer in your window. As much as 30 percent of residential heating costs literally go out the window due to poor windows in homes. Window tinting can help with those costs.

During the summer, window tinting can keep out as much as 80 percent of the sun’s heat, thereby reducing your building’s cooling costs. It usually costs more money to cool a building compared to heating it.

Protects Interior Spaces

The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause degradation over time. Think flooring, carpeting, furniture, works of art, textiles, photographs, and just about anything the sunlight touches. The damaging effects of UV rays are permanent and cumulative. Over time, you’ll have to replace the damaged items. Tinting for residential and commercial glass can prevent UV damage, so your interior space truly lasts a lifetime.

Improved Health of Residents and Employees

Just as the sun’s rays can harm your skin outside, the same is true inside. Reducing the glare from sunlight can improve dry skin, keep skin conditions at bay, and help people’s eyesight due to less glare from the sun. Better health means lower healthcare costs for your family and employees, which saves you money over time.

Long-Term Savings

The longer you own your home or business, the more money you can potentially save with tinted residential or commercial glass. 

Other factors also come into play with how much money you save, including:

  • Efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Building insulation
  • Age of the building
  • Temperature settings
  • Value of interior items (carpeting, furniture, art)
  • How many windows are in the structure

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Tinted Residential & Commercial Glass @ Springfield Glass Company

Springfield Glass Company can install all types of tinted residential and commercial glass. Talk to our staff today to find out how much you could save (your individual results will vary). Contact Springfield Glass Company or call (417) 883-6555 for more information.

A Car Crashed Into Your Commercial Glass Storefront. Now What?

You’ve seen the headlines. Every once in a while, even in Southwest Missouri, you see on the news about how someone crashed their car into a storefront. The person was probably absent-minded or distracted. Yet the tumult caused by such an accident could lead to stress, worry, and anxiety at the moment the crash occurs and for some time afterward. 

Surely this wouldn’t happen to your storefront, right? You never know! That’s why today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company explains what to do if a car crashes through your commercial glass storefront.

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Make Sure Everyone Is Okay

Everyone’s safety comes first in a freak accident like this. After trying to take cover as best you can, the first thing you should do is make sure everyone is okay. Call out to anyone within shouting distance. Check on the occupants of the car, too. If you smell gasoline, get everyone out of the storefront as quickly as possible. Watch out for broken objects, especially the commercial glass storefront that’s now in ruins.

Call 9-1-1

Once you determine everyone is safe, call 9-1-1 to get emergency crews to your store. Police will take witness statements and fill out a report outlining the cause of the accident. Fire crews or even a fire marshal may take a look at the structural damage to the building. First responders’ first concern is everyone’s health and well-being.

Contact Your Insurance Agent 

Your next call is to your insurance agent. Your commercial property should have insurance that covers this type of damage, because a car crashing through your commercial glass storefront gets expensive quickly. Not only do you have inventory loss, but also lost productivity, possible structural damage, floor repairs, and replacing the shattered glass. 

Your insurance agent arrives on the scene, takes photos, and helps you fill out a claim. Drivers in most states are required to have property damage liability coverage. Your insurance will have to cover any losses that the insurance of the vehicle driver doesn’t cover.

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Replace the Commercial Glass as Soon as Possible

Thankfully, everyone is okay. The only thing injured is your pride because you take great care to make sure your business is an inviting space for your customers. Need commercial glass in a pinch? Call Springfield Glass Company. We can send someone to your location, assess the damage, and give you an estimate on the work to be done and a timeframe for completion. We value you as a customer, and we’ll listen to your concerns during a stressful time such as this.

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Springfield Glass Company & Commercial Glass Storefronts

We hope you never have to deal with an accident that breaks or shatters your commercial storefront glass. However, if this happens, our staff will work with you to find the best solution. Contact Springfield Glass Company or call (417) 883-6555 for more details.

Window Glass Installation: The Top 4 Situations That Require Glazed Safety Glass

Springfield Glass Company Window Glass Installation

Springfield Glass Company prides itself on quality installation and repair for residential and commercial glass windows as well as custom glass items. We’ve got you covered for windows, shelves, tables, conference rooms, and storefronts. In today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company, we talk about the top four situations that require glazed safety glass for window glass installation.

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1. Bottom of the Glass Less Than 18 Inches Above the Floor

If the window glass installation is less than 18 inches above the floor, safety glass is needed due to a couple of reasons. First, the window pane may become structurally unsound if there is more glass than the actual building materials. Second, people’s feet can kick the window and possibly break it. Glazed safety glass is much harder to break compared to ordinary glass.

2. Top of the Glass More Than 36 Inches Above the Floor

Structural soundness is the concern here. If too much glass takes up a larger volume of a wall, the structure may not hold up. Springfield Glass Company promises that all of our window glass installations are up to all modern building standards and codes.

3. Within 36 inches of Where People Walk

No one wants to encounter broken glass in a commercial building. Window glass installation at a business or facility must be safe for human contact. This code is more than just for hallways, entryways, or foyers. An individual’s office window also requires glazed safety glass because the person can walk right up next to the window, albeit the space could be narrow or directly behind someone’s chair. 

4. Size Exceeds 9 Square Feet

This window size may not seem very big once you think about it. 9 square feet entails a square window that is 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall. Just look at a yardstick to see this size. For a circular window, it measures a little less than 3 feet in diameter to equal 9 square feet in area. Again, this code is all about safety for the building’s occupants.

All four of these criteria must be met for fixed or movable windows in a residential or commercial structure. Of course, most windows are made of glazed safety glass or specialty materials for safety in modern building codes due to modern manufacturing processes.

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Springfield Glass Company & Window Glass Installation

Springfield Glass Company is your choice for all types of glass installations that meet modern building codes. Contact Springfield Glass Company or call (417) 883-6555 for more details on residential or commercial glass installation.

6 Astounding World Records for Commercial Glass

Springfield Glass Company is your go-to source for residential and commercial glass. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, custom glass installation, and a multitude of products to meet your needs. Today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company explains six astounding world records for commercial glass

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1. Largest Glass Roof

MGM Cotai, a Chinese resort in Macau, contains the spectacle of an enormous glass roof above a sprawling interior complex of shops, theatres, and restaurants. The roof spreads out over nearly 87,000 square feet, or the size of 30 tennis courts. Each glass pane on the roof is in the shape of a triangle, and the roof is supported by a steel grid shell along its perimeter, meaning there are no support columns in the building to support the roof.

2. Largest Curved Window

Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, boasts the world’s largest curved glass panels used on any building in the world. More than 3,000 sheets of glass wrap the facade of the building to form a crystalline curtain that encircles the entire outer edge. The short, cylindrical building in Apple Park rises out of a meadow to create one of the world’s most unique glass structures.

3. Longest Glass Bridge

Zhangjiajie National Forest in China boasts beautiful views, deep canyons, and lush vegetation. Connecting two sides of a 1,200-foot canyon is the world’s longest glass bridge. It spans 1,300 feet, and it’s glass panels are around 5 centimeters (2 inches) thick. The glass panels are interspersed with reinforced concrete for sturdiness. Steel cables and structures hold the bridge above the lush canyon, while the commercial glass gives tourists unprecedented views below them. 

4. Oldest Stained Glass Window

The Prophet Windows of Augsburg Cathedral are the oldest stained glass windows still in use today. This stunning commercial glass is in Bavaria, Germany, and it dates back to 1065. The five Prophet Windows include a series of depictions of several important figures of the Bible, including David, Jonah, Daniel, Moses, and Hosea.

5. Biggest Stained Glass Window

France’s Cathedral at Notre Dame houses the world’s biggest singular window. The south rose window is nearly 13 meters (43 feet) in diameter. That’s tall enough for a four-story building. It contains 84 panes of stained glass in stunning shades of blue, purple, and red. The west rose window is slightly smaller at 10 meters in diameter, and it dates back to 1220. 

6. Biggest Aquarium Window

Aquarium windows are structurally-reinforced commercial glass because they need to hold back the weight of the water inside. Hengqin Ocean Kingdom in China boasts the world record for the largest aquarium window in the world. At 39.6 meters long and 8.3 meters tall (130 by 27 feet), this panel is made of acrylic. This aquarium is also the world’s largest, and it boasts the world’s largest underwater viewing dome. This aquarium is so impressive you can see up to five whale sharks swimming leisurely past the vast windows.

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Springfield Glass Company & Custom Glass Shelves

Springfield Glass Company creates custom residential and commercial glass for any purpose. We work with you to design and install windows, doors, partitions, shelves, and decorative glass. Contact Springfield Glass Company or call (417) 883-6555 for more information.