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Custom Glass:
Your Glass Options

Do you need custom glass for your business? Springfield Glass Company is here to help. We have exceptional options for custom-designed glass. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service team!


outdoor tempered glass railing
glass table top with metal leg stands

Custom Glass Edge Options

One of the features you’ll be able to pick for your glass is the type of edge you want to fulfill your design vision. If the edge of your piece will be noticed, edge treatment will greatly impact the appearance and usability of your glass. At Springfield Glass Company, we offer many different glass edge types that you can choose from!

Shop Seamed Edge
(for plate glass)

This is where we sand the cut edge to create a slight chamfer on the top and bottom edges of the piece to make it smooth and safe to handle. This is the most common edge treatment for non-tempered glass.

Plant Seamed Edge
(for tempered glass)

This will be similar to the shop seamed edge but it will be done by a machine in a fabrication plant. The primary purpose for this edge is to prepare the glass for tempering, not to improve appearance.

Beveled Edge

The beveled edge is decorative and is most commonly used on table tops and mirrors. This process polishes a part of the face of the glass to provide a beveled surface along the top where it moves to the edge.

Flat Polished Edge

This is an edge with a uniform, shiny appearance that is smooth and safe to handle. This is the most common edge treatment for tempered glass products with exposed edges.

Pencil Polished Edge

This treatment is similar to the flat polished edge but its overall shape will be like the round edge of a pencil split lengthwise. This is the smoothest edge and has a very nice appearance.

Cut Edge

This will be snapped, sharp, and difficult to handle safely. It may have rough edges. We don’t recommend this option unless the edge of the glass will not be visible.

Tempered laminated glass railing

Different Types of Custom Glass

Are you in the process of selecting glass for a custom-designed item, such as a shower door or a glass table top? A key part of the custom design is glass type, and Springfield Glass Company can handle whatever your preference may be. There are many different types of glass to choose from:

Clear Glass

Standard clear glass is made like window glass but a little thicker. It is an attractive choice for traditional showers, creating high clarity and a slight greenish tint. Clear glass is known for being easy to clean and maintain.

Tempered Glass

Shower doors and enclosures are usually built from tempered glass, which is safer than regular glass if it breaks. Choosing tempered glass for your shower door is a great way to ensure safety for you and your family.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass provides privacy, and shields most watermarks and fingerprints. This glass also has many design options that can add different colors. For a unique style that’s all your own, choose frosted glass for your design

Rain Glass

Similar to frosted glass, rain glass provides privacy and style. It’s used in bathroom designs and other custom glass features. The vertical design pattern on one side of the glass makes it look like rain is falling down.

Hammered Glass

Hammered glass doors feature a unique texture that resembles hammered metal, creating a daring, stylish appearance. This type of glass looks amazing when light enters the space.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass may come in different colors and tones, including bronze, grey, or black. Dark-tinted glass offers privacy and can perfectly match your space’s color scheme.

Get Your Custom Glass from Springfield Glass Company

At Springfield Glass Company, we have many capabilities for glass edging and custom glass for your home or office. Whether you’re looking for a glass table top, a shower door, or something else, Springfield Glass Company is your solution. Contact us today to discuss other options and let us help you design your custom glass to meet your vision.

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