The Benefits of Commercial Automatic Doors for Your Business

Here at Springfield Glass we know deciding to upgrade your business’s entrance doors from manual doors to commercial automatic doors is a big decision. Installing commercial automatic doors is an investment, but the benefits can far outweigh the cost. Today we’re going to talk about how upgrading to automatic doors can increase accessibility, security, and sustainability at your business. 

Automatic Doors Increase Accessibility

To start, let’s talk about how automatic doors can increase accessibility. For many of us, we don’t give a second thought to how we are going to enter a building. However, worrying about whether they will be able to easily access a building is a regular concern for some people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all places of public accommodation (businesses or buildings that are open or offer services to the public) built after January 26, 1992 must be fully accessible to people with disabilities. Places of public accommodation built before 1992 must undergo “readily achievable barrier removal,” which means making accessibility changes that can be carried out without much difficulty or expense. 

According to the ADA National Network, the ADA requires that entrance doors to spaces of public accommodation be accessible. Now, although automatic doors are not required by ADA standards, disability advocates have long pushed to make automatic doors the standard, as they are much easier to use for many people with disabilities. By installing automatic doors, your business will not only be complying with the ADA, but you will be making sure everyone, regardless of their ability can access your building. 

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Automatic Doors Make Buildings Safer

Beyond accessibility, automatic doors can also make your business safer than standard doors. Door handles are riddled with germs, as people are constantly touching them to enter and exit rooms and buildings. Automatic doors create contactless entry and therefore help stop the spread of germs. Additionally, many automatic doors include remote or keyless deadbolt options , which can improve the security of your property and the safety of your employees. 

Automatic Doors Increase Sustainability

Finally, automatic doors can help make buildings more sustainable. Automatic doors are faster and smarter than manual doors, and therefore they help decrease air leakage and heat transfer. Automatic doors eliminate the risk of doors being left opened, which help keep cold air or hot temperatures out of the building. This is especially true in high foot-traffic buildings. Installing automatic doors will not only save your company on energy costs, it will also help the environment by conserving energy. 

Call Us to Inquire About Automatic Doors

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