How to Prevent Birds From Hitting Glass Windows

Reports indicate that millions of birds die every year from colliding with glass. If it’s a big enough bird, the collision can break the window and may require immediate replacement. When you need the window glass replaced in your home, Springfield Glass Company is just a phone call away. We want to help save birds and your windows, so we’ve put together some tips in today’s blog. In most cases, the solutions are inexpensive and easy to implement.   

Why Do Birds Fly into Windows?

While transparent glass is invisible to both birds and humans, birds cannot use door frames and other visual hints to dodge a potential glass collision. Birds identify reflected images as real objects, so glass reflections that display food, shelter, or an alternate getaway can cause crashes. They may also see through the glass to plants on the other side and it looks like an extension of their space.         

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What You Can Do

There are many fixes that can help you prevent birds from hitting your windows, but the key is to clearly identify the glass surface. Here are some things you can do to save birds and save your windows.

Window Film and Decals

A window film is similar to installing wallpaper, except it goes on the surface of your window. Most window films are created to allow light inside while still looking opaque to birds. Choose a window film that covers the whole glass surface on the outside. You can also place decals or stickers close together on the outside of the window glass to help deter birds. Visit the local pet or bird-feeding store to find these items.        

Glass Treatments

If you’re looking for a more durable option than film, consider manufactured glass to help prevent birds from striking windows. Acid-etched glass is a technique that uses chemicals to carve patterns in the glass and darken it enough so that birds will avoid it. UV patterned glass is another treatment that adds a UV pattern that birds can see, which increases the visibility of the glass. This UV spectrum maintains the transparency of the windows for you and also assists with energy efficiency.     

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Springfield Glass Company Quick Tip: You can also use netting and screens to serve as a physical obstacle and keep birds from flying into your windows. Plus, try moving your indoor plants away from the windows.   

Contact the Experts in Glass Repair and Installation

At Springfield Glass Company, we are experts in glass repair and installation. Whether you need a single window replaced in your home or new windows installed for your business, we deliver outstanding results. To learn more, contact Springfield Glass today for a free estimate, or call (417) 883-6555.

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