Is Clear Glass Actually Clear?

 Ultra clear glass in modern office building

Is clear glass actually clear? The simple answer is yes, everyday clear glass is actually clear, but there’s more to the story. Did you know that there are products that are even more clear than clear glass for use when the situation calls for it? Today, Springfield Glass Company discusses glass clarity and how different factors can impact your custom glass.

Iron Content and How it Impacts Clarity

All normal clear glass has a light green hue to it, caused by the iron content in the glass. Iron oxide comes from the sand or cask that the glass was melted in. The higher the iron levels, the greener the hue. The lower the iron level, the clearer it’ll be. That’s cause low iron levels increase the natural flow of light through the glass.

The thicker the glass, the more noticeable the greenish tone is. You’ll be able to see this in your glass cookware as well. The greenish color is most noticeable when looking at the edge of a piece of cut glass or mirror in your home.

Normal clear glass will have a very dark green edge. This is especially true of heavy glass like thick frameless shower doors.

Often, the green hue is pleasing to the eye and imparts a sense of durability and quality by accentuating the thickness of the glass. Sometimes, though, you need additional clarity to avoid a color shift of the item you want to look at behind the custom glass.

Ultra-Clear Glass

For those cases, low-iron, ultra-clear glass is available. This glass is truly ultra-clear. It is difficult to perceive the thickness of it, and the cut edges do not have the normal dark green look.

The edges are so clear, they can look blue-ish like the sky or like clear water over a white-sand ocean floor. The glass itself can disappear and become invisible. The most common uses for this glass are in displaying items where the perceived color of the displayed item is particularly important.

Also, when back-painting or applying logos or graphics to the back of the glass, ultra-clear glass can be very useful to keep the applied colors true.

Low-iron glass be purchased in the same variety of thicknesses as normal clear glass, and it can be cut, polished, and fabricated in all the same ways.

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