How Round Shower Glass Doors Enhance Your Bathroom

Round shower glass doors can do wonders for your bathroom’s design. These types of enclosures work best for corner showers or small bathrooms. Today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company in Springfield, Missouri, dives into how round shower glass doors enhance your bathroom.

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Easy to Clean

Round shower glass doors are easy to clean. You won’t find any overlapping parts or tight spaces that make it hard to remove mold, mildew, or soap residue. You don’t have to cram a rag or your fingers into a crevice or corner several times just to clean one spot. A round shower door means you just spray, wipe, dry, and you’re done with your weekly cleaning.

More Light

Sometimes, one overhead light just isn’t enough. Round shower glass doors let in the light from the rest of your bathroom (and maybe a window). Consider how important this is for safety in case the overhead bulb burns out and you need another light source to see by. A mirror over your vanity further increases the light in the room, making it easier to see when you shower.

Softening Angles

Bathrooms, especially small ones, have a lot of hard angles. There are four corners of the room. Then you have the vanity jutting out at right angles. The back of the toilet also has hard angles. Soften the appearance of your bathroom with round shower glass doors. Consider complementing your round shower glass door with a round vanity mirror or round-shaped floor tiles.

Making Your Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Opaque or translucent shower doors make your bathroom appear smaller (at least visually). Shower glass doors for a round shower can make your bathroom appear as if it has more space. 


Round shower glass doors are versatile. They can have one big door that opens outward, or they can have two smaller doors that meet in the middle. Two smaller doors don’t take up as much interior space compared to a single door when they open into your bathroom. 

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Springfield Glass Company for Shower Glass

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