The Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms

Designing a small bathroom in your home may present challenges. From arranging the toilet and sink to composing a shower and knowing where to put the towels, it can feel like a life-sized game of Tetris. Fortunately, shower doors come in many different forms and styles. With creative thinking and careful planning, you can squeeze in a shower and construct the flawless bathroom that you want. In today’s blog, Springfield Glass Company identifies the best shower doors for small bathrooms that will allow you to maximize every bit of space.

Frameless Glass Shower Door

Frameless shower doors don’t belong to an independent group. Rather, homeowners may choose framed or frameless renditions of many different types of shower doors, such as pivot (swinging hinged) or sliding doors (aka bypass). With clean, clear glass, frameless shower doors have great aesthetic appeal and are a good complement to tile floors in small bathrooms. Although they’re made from thicker glass than other shower doors, frameless doors make the bathroom feel bigger and more spacious. Add flexibility to your shower installation by customizing your frameless shower door from the Springfield Glass Company.

Neo-Angle Shower Doors

Installing a shower in the corner of your small bathroom is an excellent way to enlarge the space. Neo-angle shower doors are best for corner showers because they’re designed to keep the door in the open space of the bathroom. These designs offer style and practicality, as they expand the square footage of your shower. In most cases, a neo angle frameless shower enclosure has 3 sides with 2 angles that aren’t at 90 degrees.

Round Shower Doors

In small bathrooms, you don’t want bulky shower doors that swing out. Like neo-angle doors, round doors are optimal for corner showers, creating a compact arrangement. Round shower enclosures may open in two ways: inward or horizontally, sliding gently along its track to be opened and closed. Regardless of the form, the curved glass gives you enough elbow room to be comfortable and provides more open floor space. These shower doors are also aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.

Call Us for Your Glass Shower Door Installation

Whether you’re looking to add a glass shower door to your bathroom or you want to install a full glass shower, let Springfield Glass Company handle your glass shower door installation.

We have over 30 years of experience in glass installation, repair and design, and all of our glass comes with a one year warranty. Contact us at (417) 883-6555 to get started today.

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