Custom Glass Marker Boards for Offices

Springfield Glass Company stays up-to-date with commercial glass trends, office designs, and consumer preferences. One rising trend is the use of custom glass marker boards for open workspaces. These glass accessories provide many benefits for your office, and we identify some advantages in today’s blog. 

Glass Marker Boards Are Appealing

You don’t have to use messy chalk or standard whiteboards anymore. Glass marker boards are sleek, modern, practical, and the design complements any office space. You can use magnetic dry erase boards during business presentations, employee meetings, and company-wide gatherings. 

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Glass Marker Boards Are Durable

Not only do custom glass marker boards look great, but they also last a long time. At Springfield Glass Company, we manufacture tempered material, which is stronger than normal glass. Tempered glass boards can endure pressure and stress without getting scratched or damaged. So, if there’s an accidental bump, your durable marker board won’t leave you in a bind. 

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Glass Marker Boards Don’t Stain

Standard whiteboards often get stained if you don’t clean them immediately. When you do clean them, whiteboards tend to leave lasting effects of previous notes jotted on them. However, custom glass marker boards never stain, so you can feel at ease, whether you write with a permanent or dry erase marker. Custom glass boards are also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Glass Marker Boards Are Customizable 

Current interior designs often require custom sizes, shapes, and colors. When it’s time to select the right marker board for your office space, there are endless possibilities for its appearance. If you want a specific color that matches your room, or if you want full-length glass panels to cover the entire wall, we can customize the perfect solution. At Springfield Glass Company, we go the distance to exceed our customers’ expectations.  

Exceptional Options for Custom-Designed Glass

If you’re looking for a new custom-glass design for your business, look no further. Springfield Glass Company offers many different types of glass and edges to complete your design vision. Our customer service team is friendly and ready to help you, so contact us today!   

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