Commercial Glass: Why Glass Tabletops Are Good for Businesses

Eventually, the surfaces of office furniture become chipped and scratched. Stains and water rings can leave a permanent mark on your desks and tables. If customers visit your business frequently, you want to make a good impression. You can protect your furniture and give your workplace a classy, distinguished look with custom glass table tops. In today’s blog, the experts at Springfield Glass Company explain the advantages of using glass tabletops for your business.

Benefits of Using Glass Tabletops

Glass is an attractive and protective material that is also easy to maintain. Here are a few reasons why you should use glass for your office’s tabletops:

They Protect Your Furniture

If you’re a business owner, you probably invested a lot in your office furniture. By extending the life of your furniture, you can spend money on other items instead of replacing damaged desks or tables. Over time, desks and conference room tables acquire small scratches, but you can use glass as a protective covering on top of a wooden table or desk. The glass tabletop protects the wood from wear-and-tear and also protects against moisture stains from water bottles and coffee mugs.

Furthermore, natural sunlight can fade the color of the wood, but a glass table top may filter out sunlight and prevent the wood from fading.

They Improve the Appearance

Glass tabletops help you make the right first impression. If customers or potential clients are visiting your office, it’s important to have a modern, professional appearance. When you put glass on top of your desks and tables, you’re showing others that you care about protecting your resources. The overall appearance of your office can play a key role in the customer’s decision-making process. Enhance the appearance of your office with smooth custom glass tabletops from Springfield Glass Company.

They Make the Room Look Bigger

When guests are in your office, they can see through glass tabletops to the carpet underneath. This expanded line of vision makes a room look bigger. You can use glass tabletops for your waiting room coffee table or for your first-class conference room table. Glass tabletops not only appeal to guests, they also help create a desirable space for your employees to work.

Glass also has a reflective quality that acts as a mirror. Like glass, mirrors help make a room feel larger. Even installing glass on top of a wooden surface could supply enough reflection to expand the perceived size of a room.  

Get Your Glass Tabletops from Springfield Glass Company

If you’re considering glass tabletops for your office furniture, contact Springfield Glass Company today. One of our commercial glass specialists will help you choose long-lasting glass to meet your business’ needs. Call (417) 883-6555 now.

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