Springfield Glass Company: How to Properly Clean Your Glass Windows

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s likely that you’ll be doing some extra cleaning around your home soon. Cleaning windows is a common task in springtime, but getting it done efficiently without any streaks can be a major challenge.

Do you spend hours wiping and spraying your windows only to be disappointed when they look the same as before? Using the proper cleaning tools and techniques can help you achieve that streak-free window you’ve been searching for all along. In today’s blog, the team at Springfield Glass Company explains how to properly clean your glass windows.

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Steps to Make Your Window Sparkle

Before wiping down your windows, try these steps to make your windows clean and bright while saving time and money.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Cleaning from top to bottom ensures that the cleaning solution won’t drip down while you work. This will help to avoid streaks and drip marks on your windows.

Wash Your Windows on a Cloudy Day

You may be thinking, “How will I see the dirt if it’s a cloudy day?” However, the sun can dry your cleaning solution before you’ve had time to properly wipe your windows down, leaving streaks and smudges.

Use a Squeegee

The squeegee can be an important tool for removing streaks. If you’ve noticed that your wipe isn’t removing all of the cleaning solutions, simply use the squeegee for an effortless, unstreaked finish.

Clean Corners with Cotton Swabs

If you thought cotton swabs were only meant for cleaning ears, you may be surprised to learn that they make it easy to clean those hard to reach areas on your windows. You will find that these cotton swabs are the perfect size for those tiny corners that have been collecting dust all along!

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DIY Cleaning Spray

Store-bought cleaners will often leave residue or streaks behind. One way to avoid this problem — and save money — is to create your own cleaning spray. You may even find some of these ingredients lying around the house! Mixing distilled white vinegar with an equal amount of water is the easiest way to leave your window streak-free. Two tablespoons of dishwasher soap and two quarts of water can also be used as an easy homemade window cleaner.

By following these tips and tricks for window cleaning, you can have streak-free windows that sparkle. With a little bit of hard work, your windows will be clean and ready for spring!

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