Broken Glass Safety Tips From Springfield Glass Company

What do you do whenever the glass on the window completely breaks and creates a mess? Whether a window cracks from thermal fracturing or a thrown baseball shatters it, broken glass represents a real problem for you in the short and long term. In today’s blog, Springfield Glass Company discusses how to safely handle broken glass. 

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Protect The Public

If your window has broken in a commercial area where customers, residents, or the general public could come into contact with it, then you must keep their safety in mind. A sign notifying them of the broken window, and to be aware of glass particulates, is sufficient notification until you clean up the mess.

If the window has broken in a residential area, such as your home, closing off the space where it has broken to isolate the possibility of someone stepping on glass is the appropriate step to take while cleaning the area. Make sure you keep your pets and children away from any broken glass until you clean it up.

Wear Gloves and Long Sleeves

Wearing gloves and long sleeves protects your skin from shards of glass. Consider wearing long pants, too, and closed-toed shoes in case you drop any pieces.

Large Pieces First

Pick up large pieces of glass first. This is why you need gloves. Don’t put them in a trash bag because the bag will break. If you have a plastic trash can, put the large pieces in it before taking it out to your trash dumpster or trash can. 

Small Pieces Next

Use a shop vac or broom and dustpan combination to clean up the small pieces. Be careful of any small pieces that become lodged in the broom. Consider hitting the broom head against the side of your trash dumpster outdoors to remove any small pieces, or use a vacuum to suck up any pieces you can’t see.

Vacuum the Entire Room or Area

Vacuum the entire room or area to get any pieces you can’t see. That way, your kids, pets, customers, or employees don’t accidentally step on any broken glass you didn’t catch during the initial sweep.

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Residential & Commercial Glass by Springfield Glass Company 

The team at Springfield Glass Company has the expertise and knowledge to install high-quality residential glass showers or commercial glass elements. Contact Springfield Glass Company online or call (417) 883-6555 for more information on what we can do for your home or business. We can fix or replace broken glass.

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