Springfield Glass Company Presents Broken Glass Cleanup Tips

Springfield Glass Company Broken Glass Cleanup

Springfield Glass Company specializes in residential glass, commercial glass, custom glass, and glass repair. When your home features beautiful glass items, sometimes something simply breaks. Perhaps a pet knocks something over, or a baseball crash-lands into the middle of your living room. In today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company, we present broken glass cleanup tips.

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1. Protect Yourself

Put on rubber gloves and wear shoes (not open-toed shoes or flip-flops) to protect you from the sharp edges. If anyone in your house got close to the broken glass, like children or pets, check them for any injuries.

2. Start With the Big Shards

Springfield Glass Company wants you to remove as much broken glass as possible. Start with the big shards. Pick up the biggest pieces and place them in either a paper bag or double-layered paper bag. Look for pieces as far away as 15 feet away from the point of breakage. Glass can travel a long way when it breaks, even if you just drop a small glass from a couple of feet above the floor. Check underneath furniture, on the edge of rugs, in dark corners, and on any carpets or rugs. 

3. Vacuum Smaller Fragments

Suck up any remaining glass fragments with the hose attachment of your vacuum. Do not use the main portion of your vacuum, as that can cause pieces to fly out from the agitator or can become caught in the fibers of the agitator. Never use a broom, because glass shards can get stuck in the bristles. These shards can come loose later, which can cause more problems. If you must use a broom, throw it away after you’re done.

4. Pick Up Tiny Pieces

All that’s left now is to get the smaller pieces and any glass dust on your floor. This is when you need to use something that causes glass to stick to it. Springfield Glass Company recommends using half of a potato, a slice of bread, masking tape, or a damp and folded paper towel. These items work particularly well for hard-to-reach areas or a confined space.

Double-check everything as you clean up the glass. Look closely, but never kneel down on the floor where broken glass is located because you can cut your knees. Consider vacuuming a second time after you clean up the glass dust with your sticky substance.

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Springfield Glass Company & Custom Glass Shelves

We hope you take these tips to heart in case you ever have to clean up broken glass at your place. Contact Springfield Glass Company or call (417) 883-6555 for more details on what we offer, including residential and commercial glass installation and repair.

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