5 Signs You Need a Custom Glass Shower Door Replacement

Your glass shower door is a fundamental part of your bathroom’s aesthetic layout, giving it a luxurious, modern look that you and your guests can enjoy while simultaneously enhancing your home’s value. If your shower glass is damaged, it dampens the entire experience. 

But when should you replace your glass shower door? Springfield Glass Company in Southwest Missouri explains the top signs that your glass shower door needs replacing. 

1. Cracked, Chipped, or Damaged Glass 

Not only does it not look good, or function right, it’s dangerous. A smaller chip or fracture in the glass pane might seem like something you can ignore and just live with — don’t be fooled. Unless these minor damages are treated, small breaks could result in the entire panel shattering, causing bodily harm. 

Solutions? You could repair it. But the cheaper and easier option is to do a full-frame replacement in the form of a new, modern, and sleek-looking glass shower door. 

2. Gray, Dirty-Looking, or Discolored Glass

Soap scum and hard water mineral deposits can combine with the spores from mildew giving the glass a discolored look, like a grungy, foggy appearance. Hard water deposits that frequently contact the door can make it look like it’s always dirty, no matter how hard you try to clean it. 

Sometimes cleaners will work; but if it’s too thick, even the strongest cleaning agents just won’t cut it. Even removing the stains won’t remove the discoloration. At this point, it’s best to install a brand new glass shower door. 

3. Rust or Corrosion 

The frame that holds your shower door glass in place can also weaken, rust, and break down. Long and frequent exposure to moisture can make the metallic components of the glass frame, hinges or track corrode. That means it’s no longer able to support the glass door, making it more likely to fall loose and shatter.  

Keep a lookout for any flaking or missing pieces of the frame, or if there are streaks of red and brown along the door’s track, frame, or hinges. 

4. Water Leaks

Do you see excess water on the floor? If so, you’ve got a leak. Your glass shower door might be leaking for any number of reasons. The gaskets, seals, and caulking can come loose, wear out, shrink or become useless with age. 

If the gasket comes loose, there is a bigger gap between the dual glass panels, allowing water to pass through, and moisture to build up in between (as well as unhealthy mold buildup). 

Regularly cleaning your glass shower door is a critical part of preserving your investment. 

5. Difficulty Opening or Shutting the Door

Is it just not shutting? It’s a sign that the entire door may be compromised and in need of a replacement! If you find your glass shower door doing any of the following: 

  • Sticking 
  • Making noise while closing 
  • Unable to close fully 

These are telltale signs that the tract and framing on your door are worn out due to wear and tear over time. 

Get a Frameless Shower Door Replacement 

If you see any of these signs, replace your worn-out glass door with a new and improved frameless glass shower door to give your bathroom a modern and clean look and feel. Once you find the right glass door for you, we can precisely install it. 

Benefits of going with frameless over framed glass: 

  • Easier to clean 
  • No frame to rust or corrode 
  • No worries about mold growing on metal
  • Modern, lightweight, and aesthetically-pleasing look

HGTV has some tips on how to install a glass shower door in your home, including a list of materials and steps, should you choose to risk a DIY operation. 

How Much Does a Shower Glass Door Replacement Cost? 

The price depends on the style of shower glass door. Frameless options typically cost more than framed glass options. It’s worth the added cost, especially in long-term savings. 

Frameless doors don’t include components (gaskets, seals, metal frames, handles, etc.) that can easily, and often do, rust, corrode and break down with age, forcing new glass replacement. 

Contact a Glazing Specialist in Springfield, Missouri 

Our glass specialists can assess the damage to your glass shower door and provide the best solution for your needs, as well as educate and inform you about how to extend the life of your glass. Contact us today for a free assessment at (417) 883-6555. 

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