Four More Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Glass Shower Door for You

Installing a new glass shower door for a bathroom remodel or new construction is part of what we do here at Springfield Glass Company. In today’s blog, we take a look at four more factors to consider when deciding on a design for your glass shower door or glass shower enclosure. 

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1. Configuration

The configuration of your glass shower door or enclosure is the most important factor to consider. That’s because the space you have available determines how much glass can fit into the room. Can your door swing open? Can you fit a sliding glass door? Where are other fixtures in the room? Our team can help you design a glass shower door that’s right for you.

2. Shower Head

You want a shower head that saves water, conforms to the style of your bathroom, rotates and gives you spray options, and doesn’t spray water beyond the perimeter of your shower wall. Springfield Glass Company will help you choose the right glass shower door that meets your needs for how far you want the spray to go based on available space.

3. Measurements

Measuring the available space is crucial to determining how much glass you can install in your shower. Our team will come out, take the appropriate measurements, and then design and install a beautiful glass shower door that works for your exact specifications.

4. Ventilation

No one wants mold and mildew to build up in their bathroom due to the moisture. We’ll consider the ventilation already in your bathroom when designing and installing the right kind of glass shower door or enclosure. You might find you need a glass steam room kit to improve the room’s ventilation.

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Glass Shower Doors by Springfield Glass Company 

The team at Springfield Glass Company has the expertise and knowledge to install high-quality residential glass shower doors and enclosures for your new home or remodel. Contact Springfield Glass Company online or call (417) 883-6555 for more information on what we can do for you.

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