What is Insulated Glass and How Does it Work?

You don’t want to freeze, but you also don’t want to sit in the dark. Having insulated glass windows in your home or business gives you the freedom to open those blinds and let the sunlight in without having to sit in an uncomfortable cold. 

So, how does insulated glass actually work? 

In today’s post, Springfield Glass explains what insulated glass is and how it works to keep you and your home at a comfortable temperature. 

What is Insulated Glass? 

Insulated glass units (IGUs) have three major parts. Insulated glass windows are typically double or triple-paned, or are double glazed, separated by a spacer and contain a pocket of air in between. This helps to seal the window panes together. It’s like having a thermo-unit in your window. 

How does Insulated Glass Stop Heat?

Most heat insulation comes from the space in between the panes. The space can be filled with air, but more often than not, it’s filled with argon, krypton or other gasses that slow the transfer of heat. 

The spacer that separates the two panels is filled with desiccant — a moisture-absorbing material that eliminates humidity. 

How is Insulated Glass Made?

Insulated glass goes through a lengthy dual-pane process (sometimes even more). Two panes of glass are put into each spacer to get the double-pane insulating effect. It’s then put into a vacuum chamber to get argon gas inside the two panes. 

Lastly, once the glass is tempered and polished clean, a high-grade sealant is used on the glass unit’s parameter to hold it all in place. This keeps insulating gas from escaping and moisture from entering. Any excess sealant is scraped off of the edges.

Annealing the glass during the initial manufacturing process helps to further strengthen it, allowing it to endure giant swings in temperature without cracking. Tinting the glass can also help to reduce thermal stress cracking. 

But insulated glass is still just glass, and with enough heat fluctuation, it can break — though not as easily due to how strong the dual panes are. 

Insulated Glass Replacement or Repair

Similar to most other glass repairs or replacements, there are some standard procedures that require the use of adhesive and epoxy. However, insulated glass isn’t easily repaired. 

IGU Repairs

Insulated glass units naturally wear down over time, whether it’s from excess humidity, atmospheric pressure, sunlight, or something else. Double-paned windows such as these cannot be repaired. A replacement is your only option. 

IGU Replacement 

Rather than getting an entirely new window set, a cracked or distorted glass pane can simply be replaced with the help of a professional. Measure the width, height and thickness. Once the pane is removed, take some silicone and line the pan, then insert the new glass. Pretty simple. 

Benefits of Insulated Glass Windows

Installing insulated glass windows or panels in your home or business can help to make it more energy-efficient and boost its R-Value (the resistance to conductive heat flow). 

But it can also benefit your property in other ways as well. 

  • Improve insulation 
  • Promote easy maintenance 
  • Reduce noise 
  • Lower monthly energy bill
  • Increase property value
  • Durable and long-lasting

Springfield Glass Installs Insulated Glass Windows

Our experienced crew works to repair, replace and install insulated glass units for homes and businesses in Springfield, Missouri, as well as surrounding areas. Call us today at 417-883-6555 for a free estimate, or contact us online

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