What are Frameless Shower Doors? Springfield Glass Company Explains

Frameless shower doors have become a popular choice in modern bathroom renovation, and for a good reason–they add contemporary style and elegance without sacrificing functionality. 

But if you’re new to these types of shower doors, you might wonder how they are designed and if they would be the right fit for your bathroom. In this blog post, Springfield Glass Company explains how frameless shower doors are designed and used. 

What Are Frameless Shower Doors?

Frameless shower doors are sturdy panels of tempered glass that do not need an aluminum frame to function. Frameless shower doors may have metal hinges or handles. 

Homeowners often choose them because of their modern and elegant design, but they also offer a more comprehensive range of motion (swinging both outward and inward) and are easier to clean than standard framed shower doors due to the absence of a metal track. 

Are They the Right Option for Me?

Frameless shower doors might be a good choice for you if:

  • You’re looking for an updated, modern design
  • You have a smaller bathroom and could use a shower that opens inward
  • You want to be able to clean your shower more thoroughly and easily
  • Your budget will allow for a slightly more expensive shower design

Are They a DIY Project?

This type of shower door is not recommended as a DIY project because glass shower doors must fit properly. If your measurements are even slightly off, the heavy glass on your doors is at risk of shattering, dragging, or allowing water to leak out, causing costly damage. 

Your best option is to call a professional to handle your frameless glass shower door installation from start to finish.  

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Frameless Shower Glass Installation at Springfield Glass Company 

The experts at Springfield Glass Company are ready to help you enjoy the luxury of a custom frameless shower enclosure! We have over 30 years of experience in residential shower glass installation and can complete your project with precision and integrity. Call us today at 417-883-6555 for a free estimate, or contact us online.

Glass Shower Doors: The Secret to a Clean Shower

Housewife washing and polishing a glass shower door

A glass shower door can add style and luxury to your bathroom, but even modern fixtures need proper cleaning. While it’s essential to clean your shower door, don’t neglect the creases, edges, shower walls, and floor. As moisture exposure affects your shower, unpleasant grime and dirt can build up in these areas. Today, the Springfield Glass Company provides some cleaning tips and tricks to leave your shower spotless.   

Use the Right Tools

Cleaning the shower is an unpleasant chore, but it goes much quicker when you use the right tools. Here’s what you’ll need: a double-sided sponge, tub and tile cleaner, baking soda, vinegar, distilled water, a spray bottle, and microfiber cloths. If you don’t have a sponge, use a brush instead. A brush with a diamond-shaped head can reach corners more easily than a flat-headed brush.

Give Your Shower a Deep Clean

It’s surprisingly simple to deep clean your shower immediately after you use it. Your job will be easier when the warm water has already loosened up stuck-on dirt and stains. First, use your favorite shower cleaner to spray down the glass door, walls, and fixtures. Then, wipe down the surfaces with a brush or sponge. For tough stains, let the mixture sit before scrubbing and rinsing.

We recommend giving your shower a deep clean once a month. Scrub the whole shower thoroughly and be sure to hit the gaps, crevices, and metal tracks.  

Quick Tip: Don’t use vinegar if your shower consists of stone.    

Use a Squeegee 

Have a squeegee close by and use it to wipe away the water each day. Mold and mildew love damp environments, and this 30-second task will help prevent them from appearing. For convenience, you can find clip-on squeegees that will hang in your shower. Also, consider leaving the door open post-shower to let it dry out. With drywall and doors, less soap scum will build up.

Create Your Shower Spray

You can also create a DIY daily shower spray by mixing ½ cup vinegar, 1 cup water, a little dish soap, and some drops of oil for a pleasant scent. Keep a spray bottle of this in your shower to mist down the glass door after squeegeeing.  

Springfield Glass Company Quick Tip: All cleaners contain chemicals, and some combos can be extremely dangerous to your health. Don’t mix the following household cleaners: 
  • Vinegar and Bleach
  • Ammonia and Bleach
  • Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar
Certain shower surfaces require special care. Use cleaning solutions and scrubbers that won’t ruin your shower’s surface. 

Enhance Your Home with High-Quality Glass 

The Springfield Glass Company offers gorgeous residential glass for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or family room. Whether you prefer a framed or frameless shower door, we can also handle your glass shower door installation. Trust the glass experts and contact us for a free estimate today.