Framed vs. Frameless Glass Showers: Compare and Contrast

Square frame glass walled shower

Whether you’re remodeling your existing bathroom or putting in a new one, you can benefit from a glass shower door installation. Since there are different varieties of showers, there are various options for shower doors. If you’re choosing between a framed or frameless shower door, the Springfield Glass Company can help. Read on as we compare the positive and negative attributes of both types of shower doors.

Framed Shower Doors

Framed showers are usually made from thinner glass and lighter materials. The frame supports the glass door, which can swing open or slide on a track, but sliding framed doors are more common. The frame is made of aluminum and may be powder-coated in a range of finishes and colors. The frame can be textured or smooth, and glass is sealed into the frame to prevent water leaks. 


Framed glass showers are generally cost-effective and useful for tight spaces. Also, the installation process is slightly quicker and less complicated than it is for frameless showers.


Typically, framed shower doors are more difficult to keep clean, and your customization options are more limited.   

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Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless showers doors have a thicker pane and are a premium selection for your bathroom. A professional will use hinges or other hardware to install a durable, heavy piece of glass that swings or slides open. You can customize the door to fit your exact shower space. The door often has a rubber sweep at the bottom to hold water in the shower. 


Frameless glass showers have many benefits. With less hardware, they are more open and easier to clean than framed showers. They also add beauty and charm to any bathroom space. 


The main downside of frameless shower doors is that they cost more than framed ones.

Which One Is Right for Me?

As you can see, each option presents benefits and drawbacks. Your selection may depend on your budget and current shower space. For a more traditional shower, choose a framed glass door. If you desire a more contemporary shower, go with a frameless door. When they are properly maintained, both types of shower doors can last for 20-30 years. 

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Glass Shower Enclosures: The Benefits of a Steam Shower

A steam shower combines your shower with an enclosed steam room. It’s like having your own personal sauna in your home. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, you can install a steam shower to relax and experience its many benefits. Today, Springfield Glass Company elaborates on the health benefits of a steam shower.

How Does a Steam Shower Work?

Steam showers are surprisingly simple. A steam generator brings water to a boiling temperature and creates water vapor. Next, a disperser channels the steam into the shower and fills the enclosed area with moisture and warmth. You can use the control panel to adjust the desired time and temperature, and there are safety features to keep the steam from rising above 118 degrees. 

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What Are the Benefits of a Steam Shower?

Relieve Stress

When you invest in a steam shower, you have a convenient way to reduce stress and unwind after a long day. The warmth of the steam releases endorphins in your brain that enable you to mentally relax. Step into your personal bathroom spa and experience a relaxation that will help you sleep better and increase your energy. 

Improve Your Skin and Circulation

Steam showers open capillaries, which leads to increased blood flow and improved circulation. The steam also removes toxins from your body and deep cleanses your skin. Spending just 20 minutes per week in a steam shower can clear up breakouts and blemishes. Picture feeling the moist heat soaking into your skin from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Recover from Exercise

Steam showers can help athletes recover from intense workouts. During strenuous exercise, metabolic waste accumulates in your muscles, which causes them to feel sore. Taking a steam shower can help your body get rid of this waste. The steam also allows stiff muscles and joints to relax.

Breathe Easier

If your sinuses are frequently congested, you could greatly benefit from a steam shower. The steam helps clear your nasal passages and reduces stuffiness, which allows for easier breathing. By choosing a steam shower, you can submerge yourself in healing steam each day and enjoy the relief that it brings.

Your Options for a Steam Shower

You have some options for creating your ideal steam shower. You can purchase a steam shower kit with units that are quick to install. Or, you could renovate your existing space and make it a steam shower with the right shower enclosure and a steam system.

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