Residential Window Glass Repair

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Springfield Glass Company can help you with your window glass repair needs. Whether your glass is broken, fogged, or just needs replacing, our experts can recommend the right solution. Call today at 417-833-6555 for a free service quote.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we do — along with some useful tips.

Residential Glass Service

We do not sell or install complete residential windows, as these are typically done by a carpenter or building contractor, but we do service the actual glass within the window if it becomes broken, fogged or damaged.

Broken Window Glass

shattered window glass pane

The most common residential repairs we complete are for broken window glass. In those cases, removing and replacing the entire window is unnecessary, which would usually require removal and damage to the exterior or interior wall finishes. It often requires an individual glass pane replacement.

We can save you that difficulty, expense, and time by removing and replacing the glass with the actual window still in the wall.

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Why Do Most Window Glass Cracks & Chips Occur?

  • Temperature stress cracks: start as small cracks on the edges but grow over time
  • Impact-based cracks: a direct impact from a weighted object, like a baseball or rock
  • Chips: hard to notice at first, but leads to more visibly broken window glass

When to Replace Older Windows?

  • Over 15 years old
  • Defects (cracks, chips, condensation between panes)
  • Outdated style
  • Doesn’t fit your home’s architecture

Is it Cheaper to Buy Window Glass Repair or Replacement Services?

Window repairs are cheaper than replacements, by far. But the cost difference often depends on:

  • Extent of the damage
  • Size of the windows
  • Type of glass

What Type of Window Pane Replacement Should I Choose?

It depends on your budget, personal preference, and needs. Do your research and ask a specialist if you’re unsure. Many people choose tempered glass or insulated glass for more energy efficiency in the home.

Is a Home Window Replacement a DIY Project?

Maybe, but be warned. It isn’t easy. You’ll need the correct measurements, tools, and glass for your type of frame should you decide to follow standard window replacement instructions and do it yourself.

The easier solution is to get a reputable and experienced local glass installation company to help you get the job done right the first time.

Double-Pane Window Fog

condensation on a residential glass window pane with a grey background

Fogged-up double-pane glass units are our second-most common repair. When double-pane windows get older, the seal between the two sheets of glass can degrade and allow moisture to collect inside the glass unit which causes a foggy appearance, blocking your visibility.

As with broken glass, we can usually replace fogged glass without needing to replace the window frame or the individual panes.

Are There Other Ways to Fix Condensation Inside a Double-Pane Glass?

  • There are temporary fixes — but Springfield Glass does not offer them. One option is to drill a small hole in the glass and suck out the moisture. However, without a seal, the fog will just re-accumulate in the window.

Glass Tint Replacements

blue reflective glass tint on a commercial glazing facade

We also change out the glass in windows and doors to meet a variety of other needs. Often, glass tinting is needed in a sunny area. This may require replacement with heat-strengthened glass to avoid glass breakage caused by thermal stress when film tints are added to the non-strengthened glass.

Sometimes customers want to change clear glass to an obscure glass for bath areas where both natural light and privacy is desired.

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Contact Springfield Glass Company Today

Give us some information about your window and we’ll give you a no-cost estimate. See our blog post for Window Glass Types and the basic info we need before we give a price quote. If the pricing is within your budget, we will come to your home to take exact measurements and confirm the exact glass type prior to ordering to make sure your repair will exactly meet your needs.

Call 417.883.6555 today or contact us online to help you get your glass project completed.

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