How to Insulate Your Residential Glass Windows

Despite your best efforts, your residential window glass will always feel cold to the touch in winter. It doesn’t matter how much you seal the edges with weather stripping or use spray foam insulation along the frame. You’ll always feel the chill of winter against the glass pane. 


Luckily, you can create some insulation barriers to keep the chill away. Today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company explains how to insulate residential glass windows against the frigid air of winter. 

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Window Insulator Kits

Consider installing a window insulator kit for your residential glass windows. These easy-to-use kits come with a thin film that covers the entire window. Simply spread the film out across the window and use the special tape that comes in the package to hold it in place. When spring comes, you remove the tape and the film! One kit usually has enough to cover five windows at 3 feet by 5 feet.

Bubble Wrap

If you don’t plan on looking out your window for the scenic view, bubble wrap is a nice alternative to a window insulator kit. Bubble wrap allows sunlight in to warm your home while forming a layer of air that keeps more of the chill away. Use tape to keep the bubble wrap in place, and remove it when the warmth of spring returns!

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades form a zig-zag pattern along your windows. They also create a barrier against the cold. Leave the shades up on warm days or when you want more radiant heat to come through your residential glass windows. Even in winter, letting in sunlight can keep your home a bit warmer due to the greenhouse effect.

Thermal Drapes

Heavy-duty, lined drapes known as thermal drapes are among the best ways to keep out chilly air caused by windows. Drapes are a more expensive option, but they’re great for maintaining the right temperature in your home and saving on utility bills. Pro tip: Hang the drapes as close to your windows as possible for best results.

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Residential Glass Windows by Springfield Glass Company

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