How Do Glass Installation Companies Cut Glass?

To provide high-quality custom glass for clients, glass installation companies must use various tools and methods to cut glass. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, that’s okay! In today’s blog, Springfield Glass Company will provide a brief explanation of the glass cutting process and the kinds of instruments involved.

What Is the Glass Cutting Process at Glass Installation Companies?

Sometimes, a glazier may use a diamond to cut glass, but glass installation companies use a cutting wheel more commonly. Cutting wheels consist of hardened steel or tungsten carbide that is four to six millimeters in diameter with a V-shaped hone angle. (Larger hone angles can cut thicker pieces of glass.) The diameter of a cutting wheel can vary quite a bit depending on the thickness and type of glass it’s intended to cut. Cutting glass also requires lubrication which requires a small amount of oil. This method keeps the wheel from getting too hot. 

To cut the glass, glass experts at glass installation companies roll the cutter firmly over the glass, which produces a weakened line called a score line or a fissure. Depending on the thickness of the glass, the cutter may only need a few pounds of pressure, or it may need more than 20 pounds of force to make the fissure effectively. A glazier can tap along the cut to weaken it further until it’s ready to be split. Then, the glass expert will use a set of running pliers to open the split.

A computer-assisted CNC semi-automatic glass cutting table makes large sheets of glass. Then, the sheets can be broken apart by hand into individual pieces (also called lites).

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If you’re searching for glass installation companies or interested in learning more about our glass cutting process, we are happy to explain further. Whether you need custom glass cuts or replacement glass to repair something broken, we can meet all your residential and commercial glass needs. Contact Springfield Glass Company online or call (417) 883-6555 to speak with a glass expert about our products and services.

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