Glass Shower Doors: How to Plan for a Bathroom Remodel

Planned renovation of a luxury modern bathroom

A bathroom renovation could be the perfect opportunity to implement a new look. Imagine having a translucent experience every time you enter and exit the shower. Adding a glass shower door could be the missing piece to the puzzle.   

DIY home remodeling can get complicated. So, after you plan the layout and choose your tiles, the pros at the Springfield Glass Company will gladly handle your glass shower door installation. Read today’s blog for some ideas and guidance as we discuss the role that shower doors can play in your bathroom remodel. 

Glass Shower Door: Evaluate Your Options

From making style choices to working out your budget, there are many things to consider when planning a bathroom renovation. Additionally, glass shower doors come in many shapes and sizes. Once you measure the available space, you can narrow down your options. A swinging shower door complements a classic bathroom, which can work for years to come. For a unique aesthetic, choose a glass door that slides.  

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Glass Shower Enclosure: Add Beauty to the Master Bath 

These days, floor-to-ceiling glass enclosures are trending up. If you’re remodeling, consider this seamless layout that makes the room look extra tall. A rectangular-shaped enclosure will look beautiful, and you can customize it to fit the blueprint for your master bathroom. Some designs feature a glass door that swings out, while other enclosures have a single glass panel wall.   

Glass Shower Door: Match the Style of Your Bathroom

A glass shower door can make your bathroom shimmer, and it can also provide the finishing touch to your remodeling project. Do you prefer a traditional or modern aesthetic? What color should the sinks, countertops, walls, and floors be? Do you want natural lighting? Give yourself time to think about a bathroom theme that matches your lifestyle. Glass shower doors can pair well with white and grey marble, for example. For a contemporary bathroom, opt for a frameless shower screen.  

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Get a Free Estimate on Glass Shower Doors 

Whether you’re looking for an elegant shower door or you’d like a full glass shower installed, the Springfield Glass Company is your solution. We’ve been serving southwest Missouri since 1985, and all our glass comes with a one-year warranty. Contact us online or call (417) 833-6555 for a free estimate on glass shower doors.

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