Commercial Glass Breaks: Should You Repair or Replace?

So, your storefront glass window broke. You’re likely wondering one thing: “Is it cheaper to replace or repair the glass?” 

In today’s post, Springfield Glass Company gives some reasons on whether you should repair or replace commercial glass.

The answer depends on a few factors.

  • The type of glass window or door
  • How complex it is (custom glass typically costs more)
  • The extent of the damage 
  • What insurance is willing to cover
  • The timeline to get it done
  • The type of repair or replacement material you may need

Common Causes of Damaged Commercial Glass

Even the highest-quality glazed glass has to be replaced eventually. There could also be acts of vandalism or accidents that contribute to broken commercial glass. 

  • Extreme climate conditions and fluctuations
  • Too much exposure to direct sunlight 
  • It was poorly installed or low-quality construction material was used
  • Thermal insufficient or inadequate U-factor 
  • Low or poor maintenance of the glass

Signs You Need a Commercial Glass Window Replacement 

It’s important to watch your monthly utility bill costs. If they’re going up, it may be due to poorly insulated glass windows. 

  • Leaking windows — often due to a broken seal. Hearing a lot of outside noise is a tell-tale sign 
  • Moisture or condensation buildup — another issue resulting from a broken seal, allowing moisture to collect between the panes of glass
  • Difficulty opening and closing — usually, this happens when the hinges are worn and rusted


Commercial Glass Replacement 

Commercial glass windows degrade more quickly than residential, often due to the high foot traffic. If there’s considerable physical damage, like cracks, holes, breaks, or warping, you’ll need a total replacement.

Damaged Frames. Storefront glass windows are usually held in frames made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum. If these frames are badly damaged or the wood is rotting, it may be more cost-efficient to do a full replacement. 

Broken panes. If there are scratches and issues with window coatings that aren’t repaired or maintained properly, it can result in damaged window panes. If it’s extensive, it’s better to replace the full pane. 

broken glass pane

Broken seals. If the seal is broken or damaged, condensation will start creeping into the dual-pane glass, giving a foggy, unappealing look for onlookers and customers alike. If the moisture damage is bad enough, a complete replacement is needed. 

sealant being applied to window seal

Commercial Glass Repairs or Maintenance

Repairs are important because, if done right, they can help to avoid the expense of a full glass window or door replacement. If the damage to your glass is minor, consider some repair maintenance on the frames, seals, and panes. 

Reasons to consider commercial glass window repair: 

  • Cracked or peeled caulking — a sign that it’s time for maintenance
  • Old weather stripping — common on older homes in extreme climates
  • Loosened sashes — typically caused by years of opening and closing
  • Wood rot — the consequence of moisture over time
  • Window tint damage or scratches and nicks — these can exacerbate if ignored

So, Should I Repair or Replace My Business’s Glass?

The final verdict for whether you should repair or replace your window glass varies case by case. Ultimately, you’ll have to compare the long-term cost of frequent maintenance or repair, versus the cost of a full replacement. 

For additional help, contact a local glass installation company for an assessment on whether or not you should repair or replace it. 

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