Springfield Glass Company Handles Building Leak Repairs

Springfield Glass Company helps many businesses fix building leak issues that appear around their windows and doors. Our professionals are diligent to find the true source of the leak and will recommend the best course of action to stop it. Often, leaks are difficult to trace down because the visible water area on the inside of the building may only be the exit point rather than the point of entry. Today, the team at Springfield Glass covers all things related to building leaks and repairs.

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Building Features are Complex

Windows and doors are designed to keep the outside out and the inside in with respect to rain, wind, hot, and cold. However, if the outside gets inside through another building system and finds its way to a window or door opening, these items are usually unable to contain the leak that is actually occurring elsewhere. Due to the complexity of the architectural features on buildings today, it can be a real challenge to make a building weathertight during the original construction and it can be even more challenging to find the true source of leaks after the fact.

Finding the Root Cause of Leaks

At Springfield Glass Company, we pride ourselves on making the effort to get to the root cause of leak issues before we take a customer’s money for fixing it. We believe that the leak becomes our responsibility once we’ve accepted the challenge to solve it — if it has been ongoing for years before we’re called to help.

Common Leaks and Damages

The most common leaks we see are with water dripping from the top of windows, water seeping in at the bottom of windows and doors, and cold air blowing in around windows. The problems resulting from leaks include the obvious housekeeping, comfort, and water damage issues. Problems also include more subtle and ongoing damages from prolonged exposure to lower levels of moisture. This moisture comes from condensation caused by air leakage or water infiltration that does not appear on the inside of the building as a leak.

These damages can take the form of fogged dual-pane glass units; damp, mildewed wall surfaces; or deterioration of the exterior façade. All of these obvious and subtle problems can be caused by the window itself or by problems with the wall around the window.

Do You Have an Air or Water Leak?

If you know or suspect that you have air or water leaks in the exterior of your building, give us a call to see if we can help. While we pride ourselves on getting to the true cause of problems, we also pride ourselves on coming up with realistic and feasible solutions to potentially complex or expensive problems. We are also good at keeping simple things simple, and many of the leak repairs we complete are just that if handled correctly the first time.

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Contact Springfield Glass Company Today

Whether your leak issue just appeared or you’ve been putting up with it for years, Springfield Glass Company is your solution. Call 417.883.6555 today or contact us online to see how we can help. Our initial site visits and cost estimates are free of charge.

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