6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Glazing Contractor

The process of finding the right glazing company for your project takes time and effort.

Many business owners in Springfield, Missouri, don’t realize how important their choice is. The wrong decision could mean poorly-installed glass. In other words, you might end up with worse energy efficiency, insufficient curbside appeal, and less durability. 

In today’s post, we’ll cover how to choose the best commercial glazing contractor for your next project. 


What is a commercial glazing contractor? 

A commercial glazing contractor is an individual or company in the construction industry that contracts with clients to install glass in windows, doors, building fronts, or other fixed openings that are on a property. 

Qualities of a Reputable Commercial Glass Installation Company 

  • Plenty of product and material recommendations and suggestions.
  • Knows the impact their glass products have on a building’s energy use.
  • Understands best practices and quality standards in glazing.
  • It’s “not their first rodeo” — they’ve been doing installations for years. 

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Top Things to Consider Before You Hire a Commercial Glazier

  • Think about the type of work you need to be done and what your project entails.
  • Research companies online, compare and contrast, and keep a list on hand.
  • What kinds of projects does this contractor usually take on? Is it a good fit? 
  • What contractors service my local area? Are they here but headquartered elsewhere? 
  • What type of glass do they offer — laminated, tempered, or specialty glass?
  • Do they have reviews or certifications that set them apart?

Once you’ve asked the right questions, schedule a project design consultation to go through the details (cost, budget constraints, work expectations, timelines, etc.).

Over 30 Years of Experience Installing Commercial Glass for Businesses

We’ve handled every project bottleneck you can imagine, from client-selected manufacturer defects to commercial project budget conflicts. Our team knows just how to overcome it, giving you a streamlined, quality service. 

While you’re meeting with your contractor, ask them the following questions…

Top Questions to Ask a Commercial Glazing Contractor

1. Do you have a list of previous client referrals or project successes? 

Ask for reviews and references. It’s not just client testimonials that matter, but a list of previous successful commercial projects. Any contractor worth their salt will be able to give you some proof of success.

See whether or not the glass company you want to hire has experience with the specific type of project you’re looking to hire for. 

  • Is it an interior curtain wall to separate office spaces? 
  • Is it an external glass scaffolding around the outside of a building? 

Each type of glass project requires technical know-how and expertise to be done correctly.

Taking a glance through their project portfolio will help to give you an idea of what to expect. 

2. Are you licensed and insured? 

Ask your contractor to show proof that they’re licensed and offer at least some insurance coverage costs. You don’t want to work with a company that can’t or won’t pay for things they damage. 

The state of Missouri requires all commercial contractors to get professional registration and licensing. 

3. Is there a warranty on the workmanship? 

Most quality contractors offer a workmanship warranty. These vary from one year to three, five, or even longer. 

The guarantee isn’t as important as the company’s willingness to stick to their warranty and ensure that the work you were promised was delivered. 

4. Can you give an itemized cost estimate (in writing)? 

This will allow you to see the details of a project, showing a line-by-line cost estimate for all components, labor, and materials included. 

Use this detailed price information to compare it to other commercial glaziers to see which one fares better. 

5. What’s the timeline for the project? 

Commercial property developments take a while to build out and commission. You and any other project stakeholders will only benefit from knowing the timeline.

From designing blueprints to acquiring the right materials and finally installation, general contractors spend a lot of time getting the job done right. 

Once you get an answer, reflect on whether or not the timeline is reasonable, given competitors, industry standards, and your project’s unique requirements. 

6. What additional services do you offer? 

This question sets some realistic expectations. A large glass company might offer more service options for a commercial project than a smaller company would. 

Knowing ahead of time will let you plan accordingly if you need to bring in an additional crew member to speed up the project or complete a particular task. 

Additional Questions to Ask Your Contractor: 

  • Can you take care of the permitting (or other legal requirements) to begin work? 
  • Do you need a deposit? How should I pay you? 
  • Who supplies your materials — why are they your first choice? 
  • Does your team cover all the work, or do you subcontract? 

Helpful information? Comment below and let us know. 

Let Springfield Glass Handle Your Next Commercial Glazing Project

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