5 Modern Kinds of Glass & How We Use Them at Springfield Glass Company

Glass has come a long way, even in the last 100 years. Glassmakers began creating glass in ancient times, thousands of years ago, and now the building material is everywhere from skyscrapers and commercial buildings to homes and showers. Today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company discusses the five modern kinds of glass and how we use them. 

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1. Safety Glass

Safety glass, also called toughened glass, undergoes a special cooling technique to create a certain effect. When safety glass breaks, it shatters rather than breaking into shards or cracks. The shattered pieces may stay together and form a spiderweb-like object rather than exposing sharp edges that people can be severely cut on. Springfield Glass Company works with safety glass regularly.

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2. Float Glass

The manufacturing process behind float glass creates a uniform appearance and level finish that’s strong and durable. Float glass is ideal for large window panes and double glazing. Springfield Glass Company may use float glass in multi-story office buildings to give them a modern appearance.

3. Solar Control Glass

Solar control glass contains tinting that maintains heat at various times of year. In the summer, solar control glass keeps buildings cool while the glass keeps heat inside during winter. Solar control glass may have tinting on it to control what kind of ultraviolet radiation comes through. Springfield Glass Company may install solar control glass in commercial buildings.

4. Laminated Glass

Laminated glass remains intact during and after an impact, such as heavy weight suddenly landing next to it, a rock smashing into it, or even a projectile fired towards it. Bulletproof glass contains multiple layers to reinforce the internal structure to prevent any cracks or disjointed pieces.

5. Patterned Glass

You might see patterned glass as part of a glass shower door that distorts the image on the other side of the glass. Manufacturers use several special processes such as sandblasting, irregular heating, or rolling. Patterned glass serves a decorative purpose, especially if you want to have an effect like water waves, stripes, or textures. You can create traditional shapes, like those from historical eras, or modern patterns that create a contemporary appeal. Patterned glass also creates privacy for bathrooms and conference rooms while allowing light into the room. 

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Springfield Glass Company & Modern Glass

Springfield Glass Company works with all types of modern glass. Have an idea in mind? Reach out to us. Not sure what you want, but you know you want glass Contact Springfield Glass Company or call (417) 883-6555 for more details on what we can do for you.

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