5 Custom Glass Mirror Project Ideas

Glass mirrors augment and highlight the spaciousness of a room. Large custom mirror glass gives it that stylish, open-concept layout. Architects have been using glass as part of their modern designs for commercial and residential buildings for years — and for good reason. 

Installing custom mirror glass into your home, office building or commercial property can give it an added appeal, a more impressive display for customers, employees and you. 

Custom Glass Can Be Used Anywhere in a Home or Office

  • Patio table tops
  • Antique furniture protectors
  • Cabinet glass
  • Replacement glass for accidents
  • Glass shelves
  • DIY, crafts, and design projects

Custom Mirrors Come in Four Primary Shapes 

  • Round
  • Oval 
  • Square 
  • Rectangle 

These basic shapes can be made even more unique by size, shape and edge specifications. Our glass specialists are trained to cut glass into whatever size or shape requested to meet your aesthetic interests. 

Here are five of the best custom glass mirror ideas to implement in your home or business. 

1. Mastic Mirror (Frameless Mirror)

Like an infinity pool, the frameless wall-mounted mirror is often rectangular in shape and helps to give a classy, upscale and modern look to the room. Along with being humidity-proof, a mastic mirror can adhere directly to drywall, cement and wood, for a safe and secure fit. These mirrors can be custom cut to meet your specific tastes. 


2. Round/Oval Mirror 

Round mirror designs are incredibly popular at the moment. The mirror’s edge can give a particular light reflection that adds to the overall ambiance of a room. 


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3. Rounded Edge Mirror

The shape of custom glass is limited by your imagination. Whatever design you want, we can order it. If you want the front part of the mirror to have rounded edges, and the bottom to have a distinct, beveled edge, to match the surrounding architecture or layout, it can be done. 


4. Mirrored Walls 

Mirrored walls can make your office space look a lot bigger than it is. They also add a lot of value for your employees or customers, should they get to experience it. There are a variety of looks for mirrored walls; clean and modern, or aged and dulce. 


5. Matching Modern Vanities 

Have a duplicate mirror on both sides of a bathroom’s vanity. This is a popular and trendy aesthetic for business owners and homeowners. This involves using a duplicate of the same custom glass to be installed side by side. 


Contact Springfield Glass Co. for Custom Glass Installation 

We can cut, install and fit custom glass at your specifications, whether it’s for a home or business. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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