5 Creative Ideas for Using Custom Glass in Your Home

Custom glass can level-up your home renovation ambitions.

Residential glass brings a sleek, modern feel to any room and makes your home look more spacious while letting in plenty of light.

It matches any style of glass decor. Springfield Glass Company, a commercial and residential glazing contractor in Springfield, MO., shares five creative ideas for using custom glass in your home.

***Disclaimer: Springfield Glass installs pre-ready glass from the manufacturer, but does not design or create new, custom residential glass products***

Custom Glass Shelving

clear glass shelves on a tile wall

Custom glass shelving adds a light, elegant feel to your home’s bathroom or kitchen. No more cluttered, messy-looking walls and shelves. Towels, washcloths, or kitchenware will look like it’s floating in the air.

There are enormous benefits to installing custom shelves in your home:

  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile design options
  • Visible displays
  • Light effects
  • Low maintenance

Display Cases

clear glass display case with nothing in it

Do you have unique collectibles or antiques you’d like to display? Why not build a glass display case? When fabricated with tempered or laminated glass, a glass display case is easy to clean. It won’t scratch, stain, or cloud.

Installing a display case isn’t merely a classy and elegant addition to your home. It’s functional too. You’ll keep your cherished items safe and visible to your guests.

Glass Tabletops

glass table in a living room

Glass tabletops are a beautiful, stylish addition to any home. Enjoy a clean, spacious look with glass coffee tables or dining room tables. You’ll also get to prolong the life of your wooden furniture. A tempered glass tabletop reduces the chances of stains or scratches.

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It’s perfect for leveraging ambient light in the room, creating a beautiful shimmer when exposed to sunlight. The styling options are near limitless.

Glass Cabinets

glass cabinets with fine glass ware within

Clear glass display cabinets give guests a beautiful view of your items. You can also choose different glass types for more privacy. Install textured glass, like rain or frosted glass, to add a unique style while hiding your items from view.

Glass cabinets benefit your home:

  • Flexible display options
  • Attractive to on-lookers
  • Space saving alternative
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Keeps your items safe and secure
  • Practical and functional

The only thing limiting your styling options is your imagination. Try various frame textures (vinyl or wood), decorative latches or knobs, and custom glass pane cuts (oval or square).

Shower Glass

custom frameless shower glass in a modern bathroom

Boosting your home’s value with a redesign might involve remodeling your bathroom. The best way to do it is by installing frameless shower glass. Not only is it functional (no metal frames to worry about getting rusted by moisture), it’s beautiful to look at.

Frameless shower doors are sleek, modern, luxurious, and easy to maintain. No rush to remove the tiles just yet. Simply by installing frameless shower glass, you can radically transform your bathroom into a marvelous space, one that you and your visitors can enjoy.

Lastly, you might consider additional custom-cut window glass to accentuate your frameless shower. Glass gives a sense of space and light to a room, making it more hospitable and enjoyable.

Order Custom Glass Installation in Springfield, Missouri

The experts at Springfield Glass Company have over 30 years of experience providing glass services to our customers. We offer versatile glass edges and texture options and would love to help you plan your next glass project. For more information or to receive a free quote, call us at 417-883-6555 or contact us online today!

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