4 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Glass

Custom glass comes in all manner of shapes, sizes, and styles. It can give your commercial business property or residential home a sleek, modern, and unique look that stands out from the noise. 

In today’s post, Springfield Glass gives you four main reasons why your business benefits from installing brand new custom glass windows and give suggestions on the custom glass types you can choose from. 

1. Custom Glass Installation Boosts Your Brand’s Appeal 

Installing custom glass gives your business an aesthetic appeal for customers to enjoy, providing you with free advertising and branding. Custom glass installation at your business shows that you care about your image. It also acts as free marketing. 

When passersby see modern custom glass on the exterior of your building, it makes an impression and they’re more likely to return as potential customers. Interior custom glass installation gives customers a better experience while in your building.  

2. Custom Glass for Commercial Construction Adds Value

For new construction projects, whether it’s storefront windows in a shopping outlet, glass side railing at a medical center, or skylights in a museum, there’s a long-term benefit of having custom glass designs installed. It boils down to adding real and  perceived value to consumers, visitors, and the general public. Custom glass can be cut for a unique aesthetic and design. 

3. You Get to Choose a Unique, Standout Glass Design 

When it comes to installing custom glass, whether for homes or businesses, we take  a client-centered approach. It’s up to you; choose the style, look, and design. After speaking with our consultant on what your needs are, we give an accurate price quote based on the cut of the glass and the installation method used.  

4. It’s a Cost-Effective Option to Repair or Replace Glass

Our glass specialists can repair or maintain your custom glass before seeking to install a replacement. We want our customers to have the most cost-effective option available, and sometimes it comes down to custom glass repair, rather than a full-frame replacement.

Types of Custom Glass Available to Choose From 

Clear Glass  

blue tinted glass on front office building

Clear Glass is commonly used in restaurants, offices, homes, and stores. It allows a lot of natural light to enter the room, giving the area a very spacious and open-concept feel. Clear glass often has a greenish-blue tint and can be tempered in high heat and laminated for added safety and resilience.  

Tempered Glass 

glass side railing on a commercial shopping mallIt’s known as “safety glass” and it’s used in shower doors, side railings, tabletops, car safety windows, and other such places where safety is paramount. Rather than break into large dangerous shards, tempered glass shatters into a million little pieces. Not only does it look stylish, it typically lasts indefinitely, meaning little to no repair or maintenance costs.

Frosted Glass

frosted windows in front office lobby

Frosted glass is often used for showers, tables and doors, and walls. When used in offices, it increases natural light and provides a bit of privacy from passerby views. It’s very easy to clean and maintain as well. 

Rain Glass 

Rain glass looks like streaks of rain are running down the pane. It’s commonly used in showers but can be used on commercial building projects as well. The texture of the glass panes lends to an added layer of privacy.

Low-E Coated Glass

glass window panes reflecting blue sky and clouds

If you’re looking to save on energy bills for your building, installing Low-e glass is a great option to consider. This type of glass is designed to limit the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through without dimming the natural light that comes through. It allows for heat to stay in during the winter and bounce off the glass coating in the summer.

Tinted Glass

glass specialists installs window tint cover

Like other custom glass styles, tinted glass comes in a variety of colors to match your building’s color scheme. It increases privacy, reduces distractions from sunlight glare and offers a decorative look to your facility. Tinted glass is a great long-term investment that will last (this ultimately depends on the quality of the tint and installation). 

Springfield Glass Can Install and Repair Your Custom Glass 

We help businesses and construction companies install and repair custom glass windows and doors in and throughout their property. Our glass experts can help your brick and mortar business stand out from the competition with modern, well-fitted glass. Contact us today for a free price quote at 417.883.6555. 

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