4 Important Reasons Your Frameless Shower Door Must Fit Correctly

What’s not to love about a frameless shower door? They offer a modern, minimalist look with a light and airy feel while providing an unobstructed view of your beautiful tile and shower design. Plus, there’s no pesky metal track to try and keep clean! 

While frameless shower doors may sound like the perfect fit, it’s vitally important that they be installed correctly, or your beautiful new shower could become a costly mess! 

In this blog, Springfield Glass shares four essential reasons why your frameless shower door must fit correctly. 

Risk of Shattering

Frameless shower doors use thicker, heavier glass and do not have a metal frame for support, so even minor measurement errors could lead to shattered glass. Shattered glass is a safety hazard for your family as well as a financial strain, but you can eliminate that risk by choosing to hire a trusted professional like our experts at Springfield Glass.

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Dragging or Sticking Doors

If your frameless shower door is dragging or won’t open or close, it could be due to a measurement error. Trying to pull or force a glass door open risks shattering, scratching, or chipping your glass, which is costly to repair and virtually impossible to do yourself. Ensuring proper glass fitting will prevent this issue.

Leaks and Water Damage

Frameless shower doors don’t have an edge of rubber or metal at the bottom, so a gap between the door and the floor of your shower exists. If the gap is too large due to imperfect measurement, this could cause water to leak or gush out of your shower, causing costly water damage and a giant headache. An expert at Springfield Glass will ensure that your glass is measured and installed flawlessly, easily avoiding potential leaks. 

Cost of Repair

While frameless shower doors are aesthetically beautiful, they are significantly more costly than conventional shower doors. If you decide to invest your hard-earned money in a beautiful frameless door, you’ll want it to last a long time and require little maintenance. Choosing a trusted company like Springfield glass will ensure your door is fitted correctly, reducing the need for replacement and repair and providing you with a product that will stand the test of time. 

Springfield Glass: Work You Can Trust

Springfield Glass has over 30 years of experience in glass installation, repair, and design. You can trust our experts to take the time and care to properly install your frameless shower door, eliminating the risk of shattering leaks and costly repairs or replacements. Call us today at 417-883-6555 for a free estimate, or contact us online.

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