The Importance of Custom Mirrors for Businesses

From mirrors to display cases, the Springfield Glass Company offers a broad selection of custom glass for local businesses. Here in Springfield, we have a number of great gyms, as well as dance and yoga studios that can benefit immensely from our custom glass options. In today’s blog, we focus on custom mirrors, and why they’re important for these types of businesses. 

Custom Mirrors: Make the Room Feel Larger 

One of the main reasons for having custom mirrors in a gym is because they help make the space feel larger than it actually is. Even the concept of a larger workout area is appealing for exercise enthusiasts. Having more space gives you the freedom to train solo or workout with a buddy (or two). Additionally, custom mirrors add more light to the space, enhancing both natural and artificial light. 

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Custom Mirrors: Allow You to Check Your Technique

Whether you’re maxing out on the deep squats or you’ve assumed the plank position, you want to make sure that your technique is correct. Using proper form for any exercise routine will help prevent injuries while allowing you to get the most out of the workout. The quickest way to check your technique is in the mirror. But don’t settle for just any old mirror. Order a full-length custom glass mirror from the Springfield Glass Company. We’ll customize it to fit your gym, dance, or yoga space, and you can choose from many shapes and styles. 

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Custom Mirrors: You Can Follow Your Instructor Better 

Many gyms offer group fitness classes in a large room, similar to that of a yoga or dance studio. These classes are led by a certified instructor who may or may not be facing in your direction. If the instructor’s back is to you, or if you’re on the end of a long row of people, it can be hard to keep up with every movement. However, full wall custom mirrors give you the opportunity to follow your instructor from any angle or location in the room, so you can achieve your health and aerobics goals. 

Custom Glass Is What We Do

At Springfield Glass Company, we have over 30 years of experience in custom glass fabrication and installation. Our quality custom mirrors are the perfect complement to your gym, dance, or yoga studio, and we want to bring your ideas to life. If you need help in the design or layout of your mirror wall, we’re only an email or a phone call away. Contact us online, call 417.883.6555, or send an email to

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