5 Advantages of Security Glass Doors & Windows for Your Business

Maybe you’ve been thinking about modernizing your storefront with glass doors or windows. Or perhaps you need replacement glass due to damage. Either way, there are several benefits of using security glass for your business. In today’s blog, Springfield Glass Company discusses the top ones.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective.

Security glass is an excellent investment that will provide lots of benefits while also enhancing the visual appeal of your storefront. In addition to being a quick way to improve commercial security, you’ll also avoid hefty costs related to burglaries, loss, and extensive damage.

  1. It Increases Curb Appeal.

A glass door or windows will enhance the look of your storefront and improve its curb appeal for potential buyers down (if you ever decide to sell). It can also be more enticing for customers, as they can more easily see inside to preview your products and services.

  1. It Provides More Natural Light.

Windows and doors made of security glass will also improve the look of your space with more natural light. Customers may be more likely to stop in if the store looks bright, open, and welcoming, and they’ll be able to see your products and offerings more clearly through the storefront if they’re out on display.

  1. It’s Versatile.

No matter the architectural design of your commercial building, security glass doors and windows can be manufactured in various designs with your choice of hardware, frames, and other accessories. That way, you can easily match your business style and ensure that it’s cohesive and intentionally designed.

  1. It Offers More Protection.

Security glass is more substantial and impenetrable than traditional glass, so your business will be more secure and protected. Issues like break-ins and theft are much less likely, and if an accident occurs, people are also less likely to get injured.

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Security Benefits of Custom Glass

Custom glass does more than just beautify your residential or commercial building. Many types of glass structures, made of tempered glass, offer security benefits for your property. In today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company, we discuss the wide range of security benefits you get from custom glass structures.

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Buildings That Use Custom Glass

Many common buildings, both commercial and residential, require security with regards to their custom glass elements. Airports have large windows for passengers to see incoming flights, but there may also be security checkpoints. Government buildings and large medical facilities have security checkpoints as well as service windows for employees to see their customers. Movie theaters have large glass structures for employees to take money, while banks use custom glass at drive-throughs. 

Improved Visibility for Customers and Employees

Glass walls and doors made of custom glass not only look great, but they also offer security benefits for the building’s owners. These interior design elements improve visibility for customers and employees, thereby enhancing customer interactions while keeping employees safe. For example, a bank drive-through needs secure custom glass structures so employees can see incoming vehicles, but they also need protection because of the cash transactions they work with on a daily basis.

Enhanced Visibility for Security Personnel

No one wants to have a tense security issue on their property. Custom glass improves visibility for security personnel to observe what’s going on and take action when a safety issue presents itself. Safety glass and tempered glass create easy sightlines, a 360-degree view if necessary, and a barrier between security personnel and any perpetrators who may present a danger to staff behind the glass.

Better Sightlines for Security Cameras

Custom glass design elements improve sightlines for security cameras. Better visuals on cameras may only work for glass that isn’t tinted unless security cameras have special filters to see infrared light. Tempered glass on windows, doors, and security kiosks lets in just as much light and infrared as standard glass, making it an excellent choice for custom glass when it comes to added security for your property.

Harder to Break

Custom glass features are difficult to break without using an extraordinary amount of force. Tempered glass is extremely durable, up to four times stronger than standard glass. Plus, tempered glass shatters into small pieces, thereby reducing the risks of anyone getting a major injury if someone breaks the custom glass. If the tempered glass is thick enough, it may prevent burglaries and intrusions.

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