Storefront Glass Design Options

Storefront glass windows impact consumer appeal and can attract or deter potential business. That’s why getting the right design for your business is so important.


In today’s post, Springfield Glass in Springfield, Missouri, gives you some friendly tips on storefront glass design options.

Disclaimer: Springfield Glass does not design custom glass. If you already have a glass design chosen, we’ll install it with total precision. 

1. Plan the Overall Layout

Simplicity and visibility are key for storefront designs.

A custom storefront glass design should be chosen based on the architectural layout of your building, as well as that of surrounding buildings. It’s also up to your personal preference and taste. 

There are three primary considerations for a storefront glass design: frame, color, and glass. These elements, along with proximity, alignment, and repetition, comprise a great design for a storefront window. 


2. Choose Framed or Frameless Glass

Depending on your overarching design and layout, you’re better off with one or the other, framed or frameless. 

Storefront frames come in a variety of colors, including the commonly-used black matte, which gives your building a sleek and elegant look to passersby. 

Frameless storefront glass. 

These are used primarily for technology companies, like Apple, or forward-thinking brands that want to leverage sleek, modern design to their advantage. 

Aluminum storefront glass.

It’s a contemporary, straightforward look that is commonly used in retail stores in malls and shopping centers, and even apartment complexes. 


3. Glass Tint Colors

Your choice of glass tint color should depict your brand’s story, and obey any code restrictions your building might be subject to. 

A women’s boutique, let’s say, might want to coat the frames of their storefront glass in a brighter, more vibrant color: royal blue, green, or yellow. 

A smart use of color coatings for your frames, as well as your glass, can help you stand out from the competition. 


4. Review the Different Storefront Entry Door Types

You can choose from a balanced door, automatic door, or revolving door. Each has its own appeal and is chosen based on what best fits your brand and image. 

Revolving doors offer greater energy efficiency, whereas automatic doors offer ease of entry and ADA compliance. You’ll have to use your best judgment when choosing one out.

Tinted glass.

Putting it on your entryway and windows brings a striking visual effect to your storefront. Tinted glass can also reduce reflective glare and sun exposure by leveraging tinted glass in your commercial storefront. 

If there are too many on-lookers peering into your business, and you want parts of it covered, choosing to install colored tinted glass panes into your storefront’s frames gives some added privacy. 

Glass tint color.

When choosing a color, you have quite a few options. They should be picked based on your brand’s color scheme and whatever compliments your storefront’s layout structure:

  • Blue 
  • Light gray
  • Dark gray
  • Bronze
  • Green

Tempered glass.

Often four or five times stronger than most glass, using tempered glass in your storefront window gives it some added durability against breaks and damage, whether intentional or not. 

Insulated or Low-e glass.

It’s not just a cool-looking design element; this glass can help you save on energy costs. And if you’re looking to reduce the noise pollution from neighboring businesses or a heavily-trafficked street corner, insulated glass, which is double-paned, can help to deaden some of the noise. 

5. Place Additional Lighting and Fixtures

Installing additional lighting, signing boards, awnings, or various custom glass frame fixtures accentuates your storefront glass, especially frameless glass storefront windows, highlighting particular areas or products being showcased near the glass window. 

Even installing automatic door openers adds more substance to the customer experience and how your business is received. We offer all sorts of post-installation add-ons for your commercial doors, including security systems and motion sensor devices. 

Storefront Glass Installation at Springfield Glass

At Springfield Glass, we perform commercial glass installation services for businesses in the Springfield metro area. Contact us for more information or a free quote. 

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