Springfield Glass Company Explains How Glass Is Recycled

Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable? Glass manufacturers can recycle glass an infinite amount of times without a loss in quality or purity. Today’s blog from Springfield Glass Company explains how glass is recycled and how you can be involved. 

How Is Glass Recycled?

  1. It all starts with you. You can place glass into curbside bins, business recycling containers, or local recycling drop-off locations.
  2. Companies collect the recyclable glass, then it’s  delivered to a glass processing company.
  3. The processing company then separates the glass from trash and contaminants before sorting by color.
  4. Recycled glass is sold to glass container manufacturers where they make new bottles and jars.
  5. Consumers purchase food and beverages in glass packaging.
  6. The recycling process starts over again.

What Does This Look Like Within My Local Community?

As a local community, we’re responsible for making sure we put our glass recyclables where they need to go. We must support our local recycling centers by picking up a recycling bin and separating our trash from our leftover glass containers and glass waste. 

Then we look for local opportunities to recycle glass, either through our trash collection company or by dropping glass off at local centers. Talk to your trash collection company, or stop by one of Springfield’s four recycling centers to drop off the glass.

The ones most commonly known for accepting recycled glass are The Lone Pine Recycling Center and  The Service Recycling Plant. They have various hours for collecting recycled glass. Once the glass arrives here, then it goes to a glass processing company. 

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