Tempered Glass vs. Standard Glass: Which Is Better?

Glass creates some beautiful effects for residential and commercial buildings both inside and out. One of the most common questions we get at Springfield Glass Company is, “Which is better? Tempered glass or standard glass?” In today’s blog, the tempered glass experts answer that question.

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Manufacturing Process

Standard glass and tempered glass look similar at first glance. However, intrinsic qualities from each type are very different. Standard glass cools much quicker during the manufacturing process (called annealing), allowing companies to make more glass in a smaller amount of time. It’s also easier to rework, shape, and color standard glass. 

Tempered glass cools much more slowly when it’s formed. Unfortunately, it cannot be reworked once it’s made because reworking tempered glass creates breaks and cracks. However, the advantages of tempered glass over standard glass outweigh the fact that it cannot be reworked.


The main advantage of tempered glass versus standard glass is the strength. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass. Just ¼ inch of tempered glass has the same strength as standard glass at 1 inch thick. The annealing process achieves this increase in strength. Stronger glass is why so many commercial buildings use tempered glass in various design elements.


Tempered glass is much safer than standard glass because tempered glass breaks into smaller, safer pieces. Thousands of smaller pieces don’t sound like a blessing in disguise. However, smaller pieces of glass may prevent major bleeding or the cutting of an artery.

Imagine this scenario: Your coffee table breaks when something heavy accidentally falls on it. Tempered glass shatters it into hundreds or thousands of small pieces, which create only small cuts and nicks on your hand if you touch them. If the glass breaks into larger pieces, you have a harder time handling the pieces and they could slip as you handle them. The razor-sharp edge can easily cut through your skin. Rather than smaller cuts that aren’t deep into your skin, the sharp edge of standard glass leaves a gash in your hand that requires stitches and a trip to the emergency room.

Design Versus Function

Standard glass and tempered glass are about form versus function. Tempered glass, also called safety glass, works well for architectural glass, large interior and exterior elements, shower doors, car windshields, and even cell phone screens. Standard glass is more decorative and attractive. You might find standard glass in stained glass windows, cups, drinking glasses, and decorative mirrors.

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Ask About Tempered Glass at Springfield Glass Company

Springfield Glass Company specializes in residential and commercial glass for a wide range of applications. Talk to us about tempered glass for shower doors, unique coffee tables, storefront windows, security kiosks, bay windows, or architectural elements. Contact Springfield Glass Company online or call (417) 883-6555 for more details.

What Makes Glass a Tourist Attraction

Whether you’re going somewhere new on vacation or exploring your hometown, you can find many attractions that incorporate glass. The next time you go sightseeing, pay attention to all the glass around you and how that contributes to your experience. Today, Springfield Glass Company explains what makes glass a tourist attraction locally, nationally, and globally.   

Provides Stunning Views

It’s amazing how glass can elevate the tourist experience. There are many glass-bottomed attractions found world-wide that are hundreds – even thousands – of feet above the ground. Three of the most spectacular viewpoints are the Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona, the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago, and the ‘Step into the Void’ Glass Cube at the top of the French Alps. Whether you’re afraid of heights or you’re a natural thrill seeker, the transparent custom glass offers unparalleled views of cities, peaks, and landscapes. If you make it to any of these see-through sensations (without fainting from dizziness), you’ll have some great stories to tell your kids and grandkids one day.

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Connects You to the Great Outdoors

You don’t have to travel the world to experience the beauty of nature. You can find a number of memorable attractions right here in Springfield, MO, from state parks to zoos and museums. No excursion is more prominent than Bass Pro Shops’ Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium, which showcases over 35,000 animals and over 800 species. Whether you’re a Springfield native or a tourist, you can explore wildlife galleries, special exhibits, and the immersive aquarium. But the impressive panoramas couldn’t exist without glass. 

If you’ve been to Wonders of Wildlife, you were probably not focused on the glass all around you. But the glass helps connect humans to nature through close-up views of fish and ecosystems. The glass also enables everyone to celebrate wildlife conservation.

Gives Tourists a Different Perspective

The Springfield Art Museum is another popular tourist attraction in southwest Missouri. From sculptures and vases to chandeliers and beads, there are many glass objects on display for tourists and families. You can find many of these items in custom glass display cases, which you examine can from the front, back, and sides. These multiple angles give you different perspectives of what’s on display.

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Glass Products Beyond Compare

If you’re interested in exceptional glass products for your home or business, contact Springfield Glass Company. We’ve helped hundreds of customers transform their space with glass shower doors, window replacements, door repairs, custom mirrors, and much more. For more information, browse our website or call us directly at (417) 883-6555.

What to Look for In a Glass Services Company

Service man installing window with measuring tape

It’s risky and challenging to attempt DIY glass projects. Since most homeowners are aware of this, there’s a rising demand for skilled expertise. The internet allows you to find a business to meet your project needs; however, not all glass providers are the same. If a contractor is installing glass in your home, you want to be sure of their credibility. The Springfield Glass Company is the service you can trust. Today’s blog post features some qualities to look for when choosing a glass services company.

Positive Reviews

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to find online reviews of the company you want. Check google for positive comments to make sure the company is one that you can trust. You can learn many things from a well-written review, especially what sets a particular glass company apart from the rest. But word-of-mouth is still a powerful asset, too. People believe recommendations from their friends and family, so ask about their experiences with local glass providers to see who offers competitive prices and delivers outstanding results.                       

Useful Experience

Attempting a DIY glass project takes a certain amount of skill, and sometimes it’s best to let qualified professionals do the job. Research information regarding the providers’ experience and specific skills to make sure they’re a reliable business. If they can show you examples of prior work, you know they perform quality service. The Springfield Glass Company has over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential glass. Whether your project is big or small, we can help transform your dreams into reality.

Wide Variety of Services

Sometimes you think you’ve discovered the right fit. But later, you realize the company specializes in window glass installation when you want custom glass products. The Springfield Glass Company offers a wide range of services for your home or business, from installing glass shower doors to providing excellent options for custom-designed glass. Our staff has the required skills to handle storefront door repairs, commercial window replacement, and much more. Consider any long-term needs you may encounter with your glass, and select a company that offers an extensive list of services.

Trust the Springfield Glass Company

If you’re searching for a local glass company that meets the above criteria, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1985, we have built a strong reputation for trust and exceptional service. Contact the Springfield Glass Company today to learn more about how we can help, and get a free glass estimate!

Springfield Glass Company Handles Building Leak Repairs

Springfield Glass Company helps many businesses fix building leak issues that appear around their windows and doors. Our professionals are diligent to find the true source of the leak and will recommend the best course of action to stop it. Often, leaks are difficult to trace down because the visible water area on the inside of the building may only be the exit point rather than the point of entry. Today, the team at Springfield Glass covers all things related to building leaks and repairs.

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Building Features are Complex

Windows and doors are designed to keep the outside out and the inside in with respect to rain, wind, hot, and cold. However, if the outside gets inside through another building system and finds its way to a window or door opening, these items are usually unable to contain the leak that is actually occurring elsewhere. Due to the complexity of the architectural features on buildings today, it can be a real challenge to make a building weathertight during the original construction and it can be even more challenging to find the true source of leaks after the fact.

Finding the Root Cause of Leaks

At Springfield Glass Company, we pride ourselves on making the effort to get to the root cause of leak issues before we take a customer’s money for fixing it. We believe that the leak becomes our responsibility once we’ve accepted the challenge to solve it — if it has been ongoing for years before we’re called to help.

Common Leaks and Damages

The most common leaks we see are with water dripping from the top of windows, water seeping in at the bottom of windows and doors, and cold air blowing in around windows. The problems resulting from leaks include the obvious housekeeping, comfort, and water damage issues. Problems also include more subtle and ongoing damages from prolonged exposure to lower levels of moisture. This moisture comes from condensation caused by air leakage or water infiltration that does not appear on the inside of the building as a leak.

These damages can take the form of fogged dual-pane glass units; damp, mildewed wall surfaces; or deterioration of the exterior façade. All of these obvious and subtle problems can be caused by the window itself or by problems with the wall around the window.

Do You Have an Air or Water Leak?

If you know or suspect that you have air or water leaks in the exterior of your building, give us a call to see if we can help. While we pride ourselves on getting to the true cause of problems, we also pride ourselves on coming up with realistic and feasible solutions to potentially complex or expensive problems. We are also good at keeping simple things simple, and many of the leak repairs we complete are just that if handled correctly the first time.

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Whether your leak issue just appeared or you’ve been putting up with it for years, Springfield Glass Company is your solution. Call 417.883.6555 today or contact us online to see how we can help. Our initial site visits and cost estimates are free of charge.

A Little About Springfield Glass Company

Glass Door Glass Curtain Entryway

At Springfield Glass Company, we’re a bunch of regular folks who live, work, and raise our families in southwest Missouri, just like our customers. We live in Springfield, Marshfield, Ash Grove, Hurley, Reeds Spring, and points in between. Most of our team was born and raised right in the area where we make our living and serve our customers. When we’re not doing that, almost all of us are outdoorsmen of some type. Being cattlemen, farmers, hunters, cyclists, and runners, all here in the Ozarks, allows us to enjoy this great area and the folks of this land we call home.

What Can You Call Us For?

Glass services we provide include broken or fogged glass replacement in doors and windows, mirrors, tabletops, frameless showers, repairs for glass storefronts and curtain walls, glass backsplashes, glass shelves, and picture frame glass. If it’s glass or has glass in it, we probably sell or service it.

We do all kinds of things relating to commercial doors, including storefront door repairs of all types, automatic door repairs, hinge replacements, closer replacements, handle replacements, burglary repairs, adjustments, and tune-ups, lock repairs, and complete door and frame replacements. These services are just for starters. If your door has glass, we can fix it. Even if it’s not glass, we can probably get the job done. We also sell, install and service new doors and frames, including handicap doors and automatic sliding doors.

You’ll see Springfield Glass Company all around the Ozarks helping bring new commercial buildings to reality. We install glass storefronts and curtain walls in many of the buildings you visit and do business every day.

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